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A Textbook of Advanced Instrumentation Techniques


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  • ISBN: 9789395596022
  • Published : August 2022
  • Book Language : English
  • Edition : First
  • Format : Paperback
  • Pages : 158
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A Textbook of Advanced Instrumentation Techniques

This book is having title “A textbook of Advanced Instrumentation Techniques” (As per PCI regulation). The idea of this textbook is initiated by authors to bring a collective database for easy learning of Advanced Instrumentation Techniques.
The book is designed to impart knowledge on various instrumentation operations, to guide professors and students regarding fundamental principles of advanced analytical techniques.
The major objective to write this textbook is to present information in lucid condensed manner to fulfill requirements of students as per PCI regulation.
This book is designed not only according to curriculum of undergraduate courses in pharmacy by PCI but also to impart knowledge on advanced instrumental techniques of analysis for post graduate students. We sure this book will be found very useful by graduate, post graduate pharmacy students, professors and pharmaceutical industry. In this at end of each chapter question bank is provided by an author who includes the MCQ, Short answer question and long answer questions.

1. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 
1. Introduction
2. Principles of 1HNMR and 13C NMR
3. Chemical shift
4. Factors affecting chemical shift.
5. Coupling constant
6. Spin – spin coupling, relaxation.
7. Instrumentation
8. 13C NMR
9. Nuclear Overhauser Effect
10. Applications

2. Mass Spectrometry 
1. Introduction and History
2. Principle
3. Fragmentation
4. Ionization techniques : Electron impact, chemical ionization. MALDI, FAB.
5. Analyzers : Time of flight and Quadruple
6. Instrumentation
7. Applications

3. Thermal Methods of Analysis 
1. Introduction
2. Thermo gravimetric Analysis (TGA)
a. Principle
b. Instrumentation
c. Applications
3. Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)
a. Principle
b. Instrumentation
c. Applications
4. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
a. Principle
b. Instrumentation
c. Applications

4. X-Ray Diffraction 
1. Introduction
2. Origin of X-ray
3. Basic aspects of crystals
4. X-ray crystallography
5. Rotating crystal technique
6. Single crystal Diffraction
7. Powder diffraction
8. Structure elucidation
9. Applications

5. Calibration and Validation 
1. Introduction
2. Calibration
a. As per ICH
b. As per USFD
3. Validation
a. As per ICH
b. As per USFDA
4. Applications

6. Calibration of Instruments 
1. Electronic Balance
2. UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
3. IR Spectrophotometer
4. Fluorimeter
5. Flame Photometer
7. GC

7. Radio Immune Assay 
1. Introduction and Importance
2. Principle
3. Various Components
4. Different Methods
5. Limitations
6. Applications of Radio immune assay

8. Extraction Technique 
1. General Principle of Solid Phase Extraction
2. Procedure of Solid Phase Extraction
3. General Principle of Liquid-Liquid Extraction
4. Procedure of Liquid- Liquid Extraction

9. Hyphenated Technique 
1. Introduction to Hyphenated techniques.
2. LC-MS/MS.
3. GC-MS/MS.


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