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A Textbook of Industrial Pharmacy – I


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  • ISBN: 9789395596282
  • Published : May 2023
  • Book Language : English
  • Edition : First
  • Format : Paperback
  • Pages : 56
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A Textbook of Industrial Pharmacy – I

This practical book is written for T.Y.B.Pharmacy Sem-V students as per the PCI new syllabus. Practical Text Book of Industrial Pharmacy-I is may be impart skills to budding pharmacist. This practical book represents a blend of ideas from other laboratory manuals and text books. This practical book covers I st part Preformulation Studies in which students may be understand evaluation the Preformulation parameters of Paracetamol & Aspirin. IInd Part content methods of Tablet formulation as well as evaluation parameters for Paracetamol and Aspirin. III rd parts content coating of granules and tablet techniques. IVth part covers preparation and evaluation of tetracycline capsules. Vth parts content preparation calcium gluconate injection, ascorbic acid injection, eye drops, eye ointment, vanishing cream, Cold cream. VIth parts covers evaluation of Glass containers.

1. To study and evaluate the preformulation parameters of Paracetamol
2. To study and evaluate the preformulation parameters of Aspirin
3. To formulate and evaluate the paracetamol tablets
4. To formulate and evaluate the aspirin tablets
5. To perform coating of granules
6. To perform coating of Tablet
7. To Prepare and evaluate 250mg tetracycline capsules
8. Prepare and submit 3 ampoules, each containing 10 ml calcium
gluconate injection.
9. To prepare and evaluate ascorbic acid injection (5ml).
10. Quality control test of marketed tablets and capsules as per I.P.
11. To Prepare and submit 15m1 eye drops
12. To Prepare and submit 3 tubes, each containing 4gm of eye ointment
13. Preparation of 20gm of vanishing cream.
14. Preparation of Cold cream.
15. Evaluation of Quality control parameters of Glass container as per IP


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