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A Textbook of Pharmacology – I


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  • ISBN: 9789395596008
  • Published : August 2022
  • Book Language : English
  • Edition : First
  • Format : Paperback
  • Pages : 208
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A Textbook of Pharmacology – I

First and foremost, I would like to thank Almighty God. In the process of putting this book together in front of you, I realized how precious gift God has given to me by giving me the capability and the power to believe in my passion and pursue my dreams. I could never have done this without the faith, which I have in you.
The book entitled “Pharmacology-I” is a totally honest try to decorate the hobby of the scholar’s withinside the area of latest product improvement and it’s far possible for college kids to assume the brand new methods of improvements withinside the area of Pharmacy. We attempted to make this important area of pharmacy exciting for the budding scientists via way of means of setting real sensible information in shaping this book.
We are without end thankful to the Management and Trusties of GSMT’s, G S Moze College of Pharmacy, Wagholi, Pune, for presenting us platform to increase this book. We did this milestone with honest efforts and aid of all stunning folks that prompted us.
We are very much thankful to our dynamic principal sir, Dr. Rajesh J Oswal (Principal and Professor) who offer us platform to develop professionally in addition to personally.

1. General Pharmacology 
a. Introduction to Pharmacology :
• Definition, historical landmarks and scope of pharmacology.
• Nature and source of drugs, essential drugs concept.
• Routes of drug administration, Agonists, antagonists (competitive and non-competitive).
• Spare receptors, addiction, tolerance, dependence, tachyphylaxis, idiosyncrasy, and allergy.
b. Pharmacokinetics :
• Membrane Transport
• Absorption
• Distribution
• Metabolism
• Excretion of Drugs
• Enzyme Induction, Enzyme Inhibition
• Kinetics of Elimination

2. General Pharmacology 
a. Pharmacodynamics : Principles and mechanisms of drug action.
Receptor theories and classification of receptors, regulation of receptors. drug receptors interactions signal transduction mechanisms, G-protein–coupled receptors, ion channel receptor, transmembrane enzyme linked receptors, transmembrane JAK-STAT binding receptor and receptors that regulate transcription factors, dose response relationship, therapeutic index,combined effects of drugs and factors modifying drug action.
b. Adverse drug reactions.
c. Drug interactions (pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic)
d. Drug discovery and clinical evaluation of new drugs -Drug discovery phase, preclinical evaluation phase, clinical trial phase, phases of clinical trials and pharmacovigilance.

3. Pharmacology of Peripheral Nervous System 
a. Organization and function of ANS.
b. Neurohumoral transmission, co-transmission and classification of neurotransmitters.
c. Parasympathomimetics, Parasympatholytics, Sympathomimetics, sympatholytics.
d. Neuromuscular blocking agents and skeletal muscle relaxants (peripheral).
e. Local anesthetic agents.
f. Drugs used in myasthenia gravis and glaucoma.

4. Pharmacology of Central Nervous System 
a. Neurohumoral transmission in the C.N.S. special emphasis on importance of various neurotransmitters like with GABA, Glutamate, Glycine, serotonin, dopamine.
b. General anesthetics and pre-anesthetics.
c. Sedatives, hypnotics and centrally acting muscle relaxants.
d. Anti-epilepticse. Alcohols and disulfira.

5. Pharmacology of Central Nervous System 
a. Psychopharmacological agents : Antipsychotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety agents, antimanics and hallucinogens.
b. Drugs used in Parkinsons disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
c. CNS stimulants and nootropics.
d. Opioid analgesics and antagonists.
e. Drug addiction, drug abuse, tolerance and dependence.


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