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Biodiversity of Riverine Fishes

From Dhulia and Nandurbar Districts of Maharashtra State, India


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In the developing countries such as India, fish constitutes one of the main food items of sustenance of many people. The vast inland areas of our country depend mainly on the freshwater fishes for feeding its populace. Fish provides a staple diet and protein supplement and the abundant water resources like river, lakes and dams etc support a good harvest. Improved cultural practices also tend to increase the yield in respect of species choice and quantity. Being easy to catch without much sophisticated gadget freshwater fishing is a common avocation for many in the villages and towns. As such the biodiversity of freshwater fish is large in the study area. The present book entitled “Biodiversity of Riverine fishes from Dhulia and Nandurbar districts of Maharashtra State, India” is a copy of one of the my minor research project entitled “Biodiversity, Nutritional importance and hematological values of riverine fishes from Dhulia and Nandurbar Districts of Maharashtra.
During research period I was observed, throughout both districts, there are many tributaries of western flowing Tapi River. All having a rich fish biodiversity that could use as a food source for all the peoples of local vicinity. Unfortunately, every day large numbers of fishes including juveniles are also captured and sold in the daily market. It result some fish species might endangered or extinct.It is privilege to engage in the research work in future.

  1. Introduction : Introduction- Study Area, Dhule District – Collection Stations, Nandurbar District – Collection Stations
  2. Literature Review 
  3. Classification System and Ichthyofaunal Diversity : Classification System, History of Ichthyology in India, Classification of Fishes
  4. Taxonomy and Morphology of Fishes
  5. Nutritional Assessment of Fishes 
  6. Bibliography 


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