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Cyber Crime and Security Law


  1. Introduction to Information Security : Definition of Information Systems and Information Security Management, Introduction to Information System, Importance of Information Systems, Basics of Information Systems, Nature of Information Systems, Basic Principles of Information Security, The Goal of Information Security
  2. Cyber Crime : Cyber Crime Introduction, Email Tracing and Tracking, Email Spoofing, Mobile Number Hacking, Data Recovery, Cyber Fraud Detection, Hack Website, Web Server/ISP, Web & DOS Attacks, Security Policy
  3. Security Threats and Controls : Cyber security and General Internet Concepts, Information System Threats and attacks, Security Threats to E Commerce, Business Transactions on Web, E-Governance, Concepts in Electronics payment systems, Internet Banking, E-Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Physical Security – Needs, Disaster and Controls, Access Control – Biometrics, Benefits of Biometrics Systems and Criteria for selection of Biometrics
  4. Cryptography : Model of Cryptographic Systems, Issues in Documents Security, Digital Signature, Requirement of Digital Signature System, Finger Prints
  5. Network Security : Fundamental Questions for Network Security, Network Security- Basic Concepts, Dimensions, Perimeter for Network Protection, Network Attacks, Need of Intrusion Monitoring and Detection, Intrusion Detection Virtual Private Networks- Need, Use of Tunneling with VPN, Authentication Mechanisms, Types of VPNs and their Usage, Security Concerns in VPN, Network Management
  6. Cyber Law & IT Act : Fundamentals of Cyber Law, Introduction to Indian Cyber Law : Information Technology Act 2000, Main features of the IT Act 2000, Information Technology Amendment Act 2008 and its major strengths


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