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Digital Education



  1. Digital Mode: A Perspective On Higher Education And Research In Rural India – Shivnath Ashok Takte
  2. Online Educational Apps – Dharmendra Madhukar Jadhav
  3. Programmed Instruction as a Innovative Technology for Teaching- Learning Process During COVID -19 situation – Dr.Taksha I.Shambharkar
  4. Online Education and Role of Teachers – Chirag Dayanand Shobha Desai, Dr. Vidyullata Kolhe
  5. Book Review and Stakeholders Involved in Promotion of Books – Dattatray Popat Sankpal
  6. eBooks and Their Websites – Madhavi Waingade
  7. eBooks & Their Websites – Dr.Sudhakar B.Telke
  8. A study of new face of e-learning MOOCs, its Awareness, Importance and Impact – Rupali Atul Saraf, Reshma Tushar Ladda
  9. Emerging Pedagogy in Indian School Education System During COVID-19 – Anju Gandhi
  10. COVID-19 & Changing Role of Library – Manasi Mahendra Rasal
  11. On Line Education and Role of Teacher – Mamata J. Dalal
  12. Online education and role of teacher – Kachgunde Shrihari Harichandra
  13. Online Examination as a new challenge in education field – Dr. Ratnakar Bajirao Mhaske
  14. Positive and Negative effects of On-line Education System – Dr.Manisha A.Navare Kulkarni
  15. Digitized Scenario of Higher Education during Pandemic Times : Indian Perspective – Sandeep Patil
  16. Online Resources for Teaching and Learning English Grammar – Jayashri Ramrao Patil, Dr.Santosh Kaluram Khirade


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