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Drama and Art in Education


  1. Introduction to Drama and Art : 1.1 Introduction, 1.2 Concept of Drama, 1.3 Nature of Drama, 1.4 The importance of Drama in school curriculum, 1.5 Significant role of Art, Music and Drama in education, 1.5.1 Significant Role of Art in education, 1.5.2 Significant Role of Music in Education, 1.5.3 Significant Role of Drama in Education, 1.6 Drama as a tool for children’s creativity and aesthetic sensibilities.
  2. Drama as a Teaching Tool : 2.1 Introduction, 2.2 Drama as a art of teaching, 2.3 Drama for sensation perception, reflection and expression, 2.3.1 Drama for perception, 2.3.2 Drama for reflection, 2.3.3 Drama for expression, 2.4 Drama the best toll for a community change or social change, 2.4.1 Advantage of drama the best tool for community change, 2.5 Drama as an approach in teaching language, 2.6 Drama as an approach in the teaching social sciences, 2.6.1 Utility of Drama as an approach in teaching social sciences, 2.7 Drama as an approach in teaching of arts and music, 2.7.1 Drama as an approach in teaching arts, 2.7.2 Drama as an approach in teaching music.
  3. Appreciation of Arts : 3.1 Introduction, 3.2 Meaning and concept of arts, 3.3 Meaning and Concept of aesthetics, 3.4 Arts and aesthetics significance at secondary level of school education, 3.5 Education in arts and arts in education, 3.5.1 Education in arts, 3.5.2 Art in education, 3.6 Performing arts form and artists, 3.6.1 Concept of performing arts, Performing art – Music, Performing art Dance, Performing art – Drama, Puppetry, Musical Instrument, Theatre, 3.7 Present scenario of the performing arts, 3.8 Arts forms and the development of Human personality
  4. Knowledge of Indian Craft Tradition and it’s Relevance in Education : 4.1 Introduction, 4.2 Craft tradition, 4.2.1 Clay, 4.2.2 Stone work, 4.2.3 Metal Crafts, 4.2.4 Jewelry, 4.2.5 Natural fibre weaving, 4.2.6 Textile crafts, 4.2.7 Painting, 4.2.8 Paper and paper crafts, 4.2.9 Theatre crafts, 4.3 Indian crafts relevance in education, 4.4 Knowledge of Indian contemporary arts & artists (Visual art)
  5. Indian Festival and it’s Artistic Significance : 5.1 Introduction, 5.2 Major Festival in India and it’s artistic significance, 5.2.1 National Festivals in India, 5.2.2 Harvest time Festival in India, 5.2.3 Summer and Monsoon time festivals in India, 5.2.4 Winter time festival in India.


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