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Existential Concerns : A Study of Nissim Ezekiel’s Poetry


According to Darwinian ideology, every living being has to struggle for existence. Further, Darwin states that only the fittest will survive and the weakest will diminish. Considering this fact, struggle for existence is a perennial problem. Nissim Ezekiel, the foremost and prolific poet of India relates the Indian issues, culture, traditions and customs, superstitions and blind beliefs in his wide range of poetry. His poetry is replete with the issues related to the commoners such as labors, slum dwellers, rickshaw pullers etc. Ezekiel seems to be very interested to reflect over the ups and downs in the lives of Indian city dwellers. His poems reflect humanistic preoccupations and accepts failure and frustration as part and parcel of human existence.
His poetry has its roots in his personal experiences about his social surroundings. He is a poet within himself. He sings about his own failures and frustrations. He touches various aspects of human life. He depicts life as he sees it. The readers get involved in the poet’s experiences of failures and frustrations depicted in his poetry. These aspects of human life are ‘Existential Concerns’ in his poetry. It is therefore in this book, Nissim Ezekiel’s Poetry is explored to make a systematic analysis as to how Ezekiel handles the existential concerns of man in Indian society.


  1. Nissim Ezekiel and Indian English Poetry A Brief Survey
  2. Emergence of Nissim Ezekiel as an Artist
  3. Comprehensive Analysis of Nissim Ezekiel’s Poetry
  4. Existential Concerns in the Select Poems of Nissim Ezekiel
  5. Conclusion

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