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GG-302 | Physical Geography of Maharashtra

S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III | Geography



S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III | GG-302
Physical Geography of Maharashtra

The study of Geography has got unprecedented importance in the recent times. Though the technical and applied branches like Geographical Information System, Remote Sensing, Areal Photography, Global Positioning System etc. are in much discussion today, still the study of Regional Geography is equally important for getting the regional information. This book is specially prepared for the students of Second Year B. Sc. Class (C.B.C.S.) of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.
It is also useful for the syllabi of other universities as well as in the new syllabi of examinations to be conducted by Union Government and the State Government. Keeping these points in view, the present book has been prepared to extend information regarding Physical Geography of Maharashtra. This book contains the information regarding the Geographical Personality, Physiography, Drainage, Climate, Soil, Natural Vegetation etc.

Unit 1 Geographical Personality of Maharashtra
1.1 Introduction to Maharashtra: Natural, Historical and Political
1.2 Geographical Information: Location, Extent, Size, Shape, Area, Boundaries
1.3 Administrative Divisions
1.4 Adjoining or Adjacent States

Unit 2 Physiography and Drainage
2.1 Physiography :
a. Konkan Region, b. Western Ghat (Sahyadri Mountain Range)
c. Maharashtra Plateau with Satpura Mountain Range
2.2 Major Rivers in Maharashtra :
a. Godavari, b. Krishna, c. Tapi
2.3. Water Resources in Maharashtra –Major Dams
a. Koyna, b. Jayakwadi, c. Hatnur
2.4 Importance and need of conservation of water in Maharashtra.

Unit 3 Climate of Maharashtra
3.1 Characteristics of Climate
3.2 Seasons
3.3 Regional variations in temperature and rainfall Maharashtra.

Unit 4 Soils and Natural Vegetation
4.1 Soil :
a) Types of Soil, b) Spatial Distribution of soil, c) Characteristics of Soil, d) Erosion and Conservation of Soil in Maharashtra
4.2 Natural Vegetation :
a) Types of Forest, b) Spatial Distribution of Forest,
c) Importance conservation of Forest.


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