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Global Economic Scenario


  1. International Economics : 1.1. Meaning, Nature and Scope of International Economics, 1.2. Distinct features of International Transaction, 1.3. Newly Industrialize Economies, Transition Economies 1.4. The growing Economic Power of Developing countries 1.5. Factors promoting Global Economic Integration: (International Trade, Production sharing/Global sourcing, International Investment and Production, Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions,Economic Integration and Trade Pacts, Business Strategies) 1.6. Gains from Trade, Terms of Trade – 1.6.1.Sources of Gain 1.6.2.Factors determining Size of Gain 1.6.3.Different concepts of Terms of Trade 1.6.4.Influences on Terms of Trade.
  2. Globalization : 2.1. Meaning & Definition of Globalization 2.2. Drivers of Globalization 2.3. Six Tenets of Globalization, 2.4. Effects of Globalization 2.5. Factors Accountable for Changing World Order 2.6. Export promotion & its criticism, SEZs in India 2.7. Globalization Strategies: 2.8. Exporting, Foreign Investment, Mergers and Acquisition, Joint Venture, Assembly 2.9. Operations, Licensing and Franchising, Strategic Alliance, Management Contracts.).
  3. Internationalization : 3.1. Economic, Political and Legal, Cultural & Technological Environment 3.2. Economic Indicators 3.3. Alternatives to GDP 3.4. Transition to a market Economy 3.5. Political Risk-Causes, Types, Strategies to manage 3.6. Kinds of Legal systems, Jurisdiction, Negotiation, Country’s bargaining strength 3.7. Introduction-Cultural Environment, Elements of Culture 3.8. Cultural Dimensions 3.9. Cross-Cultural solutions for International Business 3.10. Problems of selecting appropriate technology 3.11. Multinationals as source of technology.
  4. International Monetary Economics : 4.1. Concept of Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment 4.2. Components of BoP 4.3. Disequilibrium and its correction 4.4. Financing of BoP Deficit 4.5. Policies for Internal and External Balance 4.5.1. Devaluation and Demonetization 4.5.2. Fixed and Flexible Exchange rates 4.5.3. Foreign Exchange Rates and Markets.
  5. Global Regulatory Environment and Integration : 5.1. International Financial Institutions 5.1.1. Nature, Functions & Objectives of IMF & World Bank 5.1.2. Role of IMF & World Bank 5.1.3. Impact of IMF & World Bank on developing Countries 5.1.4. Role of IMF & World Bank in Poverty Aid 5.2. International Currency and Phases 5.2.1. Euro currency Market: Meaning, Scope & Features 5.2.2. Euro Vs Dollar 5.2.3. Concept of Bitcoin & its implications.
  6. India and the Global Economy : 6.1. Rising population and Economic growth 6.2. India –An Emerging Market 6.3. Features of Liberalization w.r.to Indian economy 6.4. Globalization: India case 6.5. A comparison: India Vs China 6.6. India in Global Trade.


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