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Indian Economy : Opportunities and Challenges


This edited book on Indian Economy : Opportunities and Challenges is an effort in the direction of evaluating the impact of different sectors and analyzing the government’s policies to combat this pandemic situation. Scholars have tried to suggest new strategies and measures to handle such an unprecedented event. It is just an effort to share our different thoughts. We are not perfect in divulging the ways out but we are trying to be a part of all discussions to fight this downturn.

  1. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Interstate migrant workers in India – Ms. Usha Ashok Manore
  2. Socio-Economic Conditions and Problems of Coconut Cultivators in Kannyakumari District – Saranya. C., Dr. Mathanraj. T.
  3. An Inquiry in to Growth and Employment in Maharashtra – Dr. Dipak C. Chaudhari
  4. Vocal for Local– Paving Way for Atmanirbhar Bharat – Dr. Anupam Karmakar
  5. Multi-dimensional Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy and the Problem of Sustainable Employment – Dr. Balasaheb Asaram Sarate
  6. Indian Economy and It’s Challenging Opportunities – Dr. Manisha Vinay Aole
  7. COVID-19 and Interstate Migration in India – Mr. Badrinath Vishnu Katare
  8. A Study of Make in India Advantages & Challenges – Mr. Chandrakant B. Dhumale
  9. Network Economics and the Economics of Network – R.Pazhanisamy
  10. The Role of Government in Environment towards Sustainable Development – Dr. Sushma Saini, Vikrant Panwar
  11. Problems of Indian Economy; A Theoretical Study – Gnanadeva. S
  12. Interstate Migration in India – Ms. Riya Nankani
  13. Investments in New Self-Reliant India – Patil Vedini Milind, Dr. Dhangar Jagatrao Uttam
  14. Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Higher Education System – Jayashri Ramrao Patil, Dr. Santosh K. Khirade
  15. Impact of Social Media on Student’s Academic Performance – Mr. Milind Gautam Gurchal
  16. A Study COVID-19 and Indian FDI Policy – Prof. Rahul G. Mahure
  17. Self-Reliant India Campaign: A Strategy to Mitigate The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic and A Pathway to Development – Mr. Nijil Jacobi
  18. Goods and Services Tax Game Changer For Indian Economy – Dr. Ranjeet Manikrao Athawale
  19. Regional Imbalance in India – Prof. Jadhav Manoj Kisan


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