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Indian Government and Politics



  1. Background and the Salient Features of Indian Constitution : 1.1: Formation of Constituent Assembly, 1.2: Philosophy of the Preamble for Indian Constitution, 1.3: Major Features: Parliamentary Democracy, Federalism, Independent Judiciary–Social Justice and Social Transformation
  2. Fundamental Rights, Duties and the Directive Principles of State Policy : 2.1: Nature of Fundamental Rights –Major Fundamental, Rights-Right to Equality, Right to Liberty, Right to Freedom of Religion, Cultural and Educational Rights, 2.2: Importance of Fundamental Duties, 2.3: Nature and Significance of Directive Principles of State Policy
  3. Federalism : 3.1: Dynamics of Indian Federalism, 3..2: Definition, 3.3: Constitutional Intent of Indian Federalism, 3.4: Nature of Federalism, 3.5: Features of Federalism, 3.6: Judicial Interpretation on Indian Federalism, 3.7: Centre-State Relations, 3.8: Finance Commission, 3.9: Demand for greater Autonomy for the States
  4. Structure of Union Government – Legislature-Executive –Judiciary : 4.1: Union Legislature – Structure-Powers and Role, 4.2: Union Executive-President, Prime Minister and his, Cabinet- Role and Functions, 4.3: Judiciary- Nature of Judiciary, Supreme Court-Powers and Functions
  5. Structure of State Government – Legislature-Executive –Judiciary : 5.1: State Legislature – Structure-Powers and Role, 5.2: State Executive- Governor, Chief Minister and his Cabinet-Role and Functions, 5.3: Judiciary- Nature of Judiciary, High Court-Powers and Functions
  6. Party System and Elections : 6.1: Nature and Changing Pattern of Party System, 6.2: Elections- Election Commission:-Major Features of Electoral System and Patterns Of Voting Behaviour, 6.3: Rise and Role of Regional Parties
  7. Role of Caste and Religion in Indian Politics : 7.1: Caste and Politics of Identity, 7.2: Rise of OBCs, 7.3: Religion and Politics of Communalism
  8. Issues of Regionalism and Development : 7.1: Causes and Patterns of Regionalism, 7.2: Issues of Development-Uneven Development-Leading to Regional Imbalance-Poverty Eradication, Health and Education.


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