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Physical Education And Sports



  1. Physical Education : 1.1 Meaning and Definition of Physical Education, 1.1.2 Definition of Physical Education, 1.1.3 Direction, 1.1.4 Learning Objectives, 1.2 Need of Physical Education, 1.2.1 Importance of Physical Education, 1.3 Modern Concepts of Physical Education, 1.3.1 Sport Training, Meaning of Sports Training, Definitions of Sports Training : 1.3.2 Physical Culture, 1.3.3 Gymnastics, History of Gymnastics, Types of Gymnastics, 1.3.4 Games and Sports, Importance of Sports and Games, 1.4 Growth and Development, Integrated Development of Personality, Physical Development, Social Development, 1.4.2 Body Types, Facial Features, Skeletal Structure, Female Traits, Male Traits, Fat Distribution, Muscles and Tissues, Fat Distribution, 1.5 First Aid, 1.5.1 Aim of First Aid, 1.5.2 Aims of First Aid, 1.5.3 Objectives of First Aid, 1.5.4 Dealing with an Emergency, 1.5.5 Resuscitation (Basic CPR), 1.5.6 Observe Responsiveness and Consciousness
  2. Physical Fitness : 2.1.1 Meaning of Physical Fitness, 2.1.2 Definition of Physical Fitness, 2.2.1 Need of Physical Fitness, 2.2.2 Importance of Physical Fitness, 2.3 Components of Physical Fitness, 2.4.1 Warming up and cooling down, 2.4.2 Benefits of Warming Up, 2.4.3 Benefits of Cooling Down, 2.4.4 What go on If not doing appropriately CD, 2.5 Effects of Exercises on Various Body System
  3. Olympic Movement : 3.1 Ancient Olympic Games, 3.2 Modern Olympic Games, 3.2.1 Dates and Locations of the Modern Olympics, Dates and Locations of Winter Olympics, 3.3 Types of Olympic Games, 3.3.1 Summer Olympic Games, 3.3.2 Winter Olympic Games, 3.3.3 Para Olympic Games, 3.3.4 Youth Olympic Games, 3.4 Olympic Flags and Rings, 3.5 Olympic Medal Winners of India, 3.6 National Sports Awards, 3.6.1 Padma Shri Awards, 3.6.2 Dronacharya Awards, 3.6.3 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, 3.6.4 Arjuna Awards, 3.6.5 Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award, 3.6.6 Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (MAKA) Trophy
  4. Practicals : AIU Affiliated Games, 4.1 Kabaddi & Volleyball, 4.1.1 History and Development, 4.1.2 Ground Measurements, 4.1.3 Standard Equipment’s, 4.1.4 Fundamental Skills, 4.1.5 Important Tournaments


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