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BCA Semester III

Python Programming

Sem - III | BCA 304 (C)

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Sem III | BCA-304 (C)

Bachelor in Computer Application

Chapter – 1 

Introduction to Python Programming
1.1 Introduction to Python : History of Python, Version of Python, Need, Features of Python, Applications of Python, Installing Python on Linux and Windows, Installing Python IDE
1.2 Basics of Python Programming : Python Identifiers, Variables and Keywords, Putting Comments, Expressions and Statements
1.3 Standard Data Types – Basic, None, Boolean, Numbers, Type Conversion Function, Operators in Python, Operator Precedence, Accepting Input and Displaying Output

Chapter – 2 

Flow Control Statements, Tuples and Dictionary
2.1 Flow Control Statements : Conditional Statements, Looping Statements, break, continue, pass Statements.
2.2 Introduction to Tuples : Creating Tuples, Deleting Tuples, Accessing elements in a Tuple, Tuples Operations: Concatenation, Repetition, Membership, and Iteration. Built- in Tuples functions and methods
2.3 Introduction to Dictionary : Dictionaries: Concept of key-value pair. Creating, Initializing and Accessing elements in a Dictionary. Traversing, Updating and Deleting elements in a Dictionary Built- in Dictionary functions and methods.

Chapter – 3

Python Strings and Lists
3.1 Introduction to String : String Literals, Assign String to a Variable, Multiline Strings, Operations on Strings.
3.2 Index Operator : Working with the Characters of a String, String Methods, Length, The Slice Operator, and String Comparison.
3.3 Concepts of Python Lists : Creating, Initializing and Accessing elements in lists, Traversing, Updating and deleting elements from Lists.
3.4 List Operations : Concatenation, List Indexing, Slices, Built- in List functions and methods

Chapter – 4 

Python Functions and Modules
4.1 Introduction to Functions : Defining a Function (def.), Calling a Function, Function Arguments- Required arguments, Keyword arguments, Default arguments, Variable-length arguments, Scope of Variables, Void functions and Function returning values, Recursion.
4.2 Advance Function Topics : Anonymous Function Lambda, Mapping Functions.
4.3 Introduction to Modules : Creating Modules and Packages, Importing Modules, Using the dir.() Function, Built-in Modules.

Chapter – 5 

Object Oriented Concepts in Python
5.1 Overview of OOP Terminology : Creating Classes, Creating Objects, Accessing Attributes, Built-In Class Attributes.
5.2 Garbage Collection : Constructor, Overloading Methods, Overriding Methods.
5.3 Inheritance : Implementing a subclass.

Chapter – 6

Python Exception Handling and Regular Expression
Introduction, Handling Exception, try…finally, Raising Exception,
List of Standard Exception, Regular Expression




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