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Re-Forming College Library Services with ICT



Twenty first century can be recognized by globalization, new knowledge and technology, advances in new materials, electronic computer and software system with free information flow, which are leading to immense potential in economic and social growth of life. In this modern technological age, libraries are exploiting the latest techniques to face the challenges of change. The information technology has influenced all walks of life and the library is no exception.
Reformation can be formally defined as the fundamental rethinking and redical redesign of business process to achieve dramatic improvemtns in critical contemporary measures of performance such as cost quality service and speed. Reformation is the search for new models of organizing work.
This book is an effort in this direction. The changing scenario of information access, origination and provision are the important aspects of libraries. The theme selected is of prime importance, which can provide some inputs for LIS profession regarding changes in attitudes, techniques and procedures necessary for survival in the changing information market.
The rapid development of ICT is tranforming present society into knowledge based society wherein the basic inputs in information and knowledge. The capability to access, organize, manage and disseminate knowledge will be a key factor in this society. The invention of the internet may be termed as revolutionary for managing and sharing of information. Various innovative features of the internet too have a wider impact on libraries. Libraries and information centers have shown a very positive attitude in adopting the new technology. Development of Webpages of libraries, providing web based services, development of portals, providing accesses to databases are essential features of the present day library.
This developing has changed the face of libraries form mere storehouses of knowledge to service center of knowledge. In this changing scenario, objectives, roles and function of libraries and lbrarians need to be reformed, if librarinship as a profession is to survive in the future society.


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