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Research Innovative Basket (Vol. 1 & 2)

(National Education Policy 2020)


  • Raintower Vertical Hydroponics for Urban Houses (for Student Startup Skill Development) – Prof. J. B. Patil and Dr. V. R. Patil
  • An Ethnbotanical Investigation in Parola Tahsil of Jalgaon District – Patil A. M., Patil C. R., N. N. Pawar
  • Native Plants Names in Maharashtra Etymological Perspective – C. R. Patil, A. M. Patil, D. A. Patil
  • The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Sports – Dr. Mahesh Ramakant Patil
  • Assessing the Influence of Rainfall Variability on Crop Yield in Jalgaon District:Leveraging Geospatial Techniques – Mr. Sunil Chhaganrao Patil, Mr. Gopal Sunil Patil
  • CSR- Help Rural Development – Prof. Amar Vasant Jawale
  • Heterocyclic chemistry’s recent successes in the synthesis of particular drug discovery scaffolds – Anup Surywanshi, Sanjay chavan
  • Some Freshwater Ascomyctes from Denva River Pachmarhi Biosphere reserve (M.P., India) – Suhas. A. Chaudhari
  • Phytochemical evaluation and study of their antimicrobial and antioxidant activities stem of Spilanthus acmella L. – S. P. Mahire1, R. T. Jadhav, Dr. S. B. Chaudhari, Dr. L. P. Chaudhari, Dr. P. G. Patil
  • Fresh perspectives on the study of plant-derived bioactive compounds with potential use in nutrition and medicine : Review  – Kapadnis Shital, Chavan Sanjay
  • Biodiversity of Vegetables Sources in Tribal Region of Khandesh (Maharashtra) India – S. B. Khairnar, M. V. Patil, D. A. Patil
  • Ethanol gas sensing properties of Fe2O3- Modified Cr2O3 thick Film Resistors – Dinesh N. Suryawanshi, Idris G. Pathan
  • Existence of Solution for Order Nonlinear Functional Differential Equation in Banach Space – Shantaram N. Salunkhe
  • Need and Importance of National Educational Policy (NEP-2020) – Mr. Anil S. Mahale
  • Transformation in Rural Housing Condition in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra (2001 -2021) – Dr. Sunil M. Patil
  • Surface Activated Mn(x)Mo(1-x)O5 Nanocomposite Thick Films as Room Temperature Ammonia Gas Sensors – Harshal A. Nikam, Snehal D. Patil, Y. C. Sharma, Ram Sagar Yadav, Ankur Shandilya, Dinesh Kumar, Akhilesh Kumar Singh, D. R. Patil
  • Artificial Intelligence in Sports – Mr. Amit Narayan Shinde
  • Nanostructured Bi2o3 For Potential Gas Sensor : A Review – Snehal D. Patil, Himani R. Patil, Y. B. Patil, D. R. Patil
  • Role of bivalent counterion on aggregation behaviour of novel cationic gemini surfactant in aqueous medium – Mahendra S. Borse, Jagdish U. Patil and Sanjay J. Bhadane
  • Plant Tissue Culture : As a basic idea for future start up and self employment to the young generation – Jitendra Gopichand Patil, Pradip Pandit Patil, Pradeep Nagorar Saudagar
  • A Note of confession in The Poetry of Kamala Das – Prof. Rajendra B. Patil, Dr. Jitendra B. Sonawane
  • Finite Element Solutions of Thermal Radiation and Magnetic Field Effects on Nanofluid Flow Past a Permeable Stretching Sheet – Chandu M. Koli, Dr. S. N. Salunkhe
  • Microsoft Power BI: Using Excel Extensions to Modify, Examine, Analysis and Present a Variety of Data – Narendra K. Bhavsar
  • Dyslexia – Prof. K. D. Ahirrao, R. B. Patil, Dr. D. P. Jaiswal
  • The Management of Physical Education & Sport in Schools and Colleges – Dr. Sanajy B. Bhavsar
  • Enhancing Undergraduate Competencies : A Study on Integrating ERP Knowledge and Compliance Services Skills – Mr. Himalay V. Shankhpal, Dr. Yogita P. Chaudhari
  • Review : Impact of Thermal Power Stations on Human Beings, Surrounding Environment and Ways to Mitigate Thermal Pollution – Dr. Sulabha Lalsare, Rekha More
  • Ultrasonic Velocity – An Overview – Ms. Mohini S. Nikam, Dr. Gokul P. Borse
  • Types of Batteries Used in Electric Vehicles – Anurag Vijay Ghuge
  • Seasonal Alterations in Biochemical Profile of Freshwater Bivalve Molluscs, Lamellidens Marginalis from Dhule (MS) – Mahale P. N., Patil S. A.
  • Antibacterial and Anti-fungal activities of freshwater crab (Barytelphusa cunicularis) Tissue Extract to Explore the potent drug – Sanjay Chavan
  • Hydrobiological parameters with relation to the Phytoplankton diversity of Virchak dam of Nandurbar District (M.S.) – Hitesh S. Jadhav, Madhukar. B. Patil, Neha B. Pawar
  • Revolutionizing Sports : A Review of the Latest Artificial Intelligence Methods for decision making, athlete health and performance evaluation in Sports – Shweta Vasantrao Patil
  • Synthetic Strategy toward Prodrug Designing – R. R. Mahire, D. H. More
  • A Review of an Electrical Thrust Vectorcontrol – Mr. Parth Jagdish Patil
  • NEP 2020:Revolutionizing Sports & Physical Education – Naresh M. Bagal
  • Badminton Skills in Indoor and Outdoor Environment : A Comparative Study – Prof. Kishor J. Wagh
  • Contribution of Electronic Media in Popularizing the Game of Kabaddi: A Students’ Perspective – Dr. Shailesh Patil
  • The Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Competitive Sports – Dr. Devdatta G. Patil
  • A Comparative Study of selected physical fitness component between Badminton and Basketball players of college level student in Jalgaon districts – Dr. H. N. Sardar
  • Ecospiritualty: A Pathway Towards Environmental Consciousness – Dr. Dinesh Prakash Patil
  • Contribution of Socio-Religious Culture Enlightenment to the Journey of Golden India – Dr. Raosaheb B. Nerkar
  • Demographic Profiles of the Industrial Workers in Sikandrabad, District Bulandshahar – Shubh Sejwar


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