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आरोग्य / खेळ / व्यक्तिमत्व विकास

Textbook of YOGA

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  1. Introduction of Yoga : 1.1.1 Definition, nature and scope of yoga, 1.2.1 Elements of Yoga in Vedic & Upanishad‘s Literature, 1.3.1 Development of Yoga through the Ages, 1.4.1 Schools of Yoga.
  2. Basic Yoga Texts : 2.1.1 Principals of Upanishads, 2.1.2 Principles of Bhagavad Gita, 2.1.3 Principals of Yoga Vashistha, 2.2.1 Principal of Patanjal Yogsutra, 2.2.2 Hatha Yoga Texts, 2.3.1 Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 2.3.2 Gheranda Samhita, 2.4.1 Chakra Theory, 2.4.2 Kundalini Yoga.
  3. Therapeutic Yoga : 3.1.1 Anatomy, 3.1.2 Physiology, 3.1.3 Diet and Nutrition, 3.1.4 General Psychology and Counseling, 3.2.1 Yoga for Health, 3.3.1 Therapeutic Yoga – Disease Wise and Evidence based, 3.4.1 Applications of Yoga

Examples of Assignments / Practical work / Field Work
A. Assignment
A1. Healthy and Sustainable Diet Plan
A2. Daily Exercise Chart
B. Practical Yoga
B1. Asana
B2. Pranayama
B3. Dharana Dhyana
B4. Bandha
B5. Mudra
B6. Shat Kriya


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