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ZO-242 | Applied Zoology – II

S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem IV | Paper II | Zoology

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S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem IV | ZO-242
Applied Zoology – II

The authors and publisher of this book have a great pleasure and satisfied to offer this book; Applied Zoology-II (Zo-242, semester IV) for S.Y.B.Sc. Zoology Students. The book has been written as per the new revised syllabus (choice-based credit system) of the Savitribai Phule Pune University from June 2020.
The main aim in writing this book is to provide basic, applied, advanced information of the subject to cater the needs of the students. We tried to present this book in a simple lucid language. The figures and photographs included in each chapter will help the reader to grasp the subject matter. We provided questions, definitions and references wherever needed that will help the students for study.

1. Apiculture 

1.1 An introduction to Apiculture, Systematic position, Study of habit, habitat and nesting behaviour of Apisdorsata, Apisindica, Apis florae and Apismellifera.

1.2 Life cycle, Colony organization and Division of labour.

1.3 Bee behaviour and bee communication
(Round Dance and Wag-Tail Dance)

1.4 Bee keeping equipments: a) Bee box (Langstroth type), b) Honey extractor, c) Smoker, d) Bee-veil, e) Gloves, f) Hive tool,
g) Bee Brush, h) Queen excluder

1.5 Bee keeping and seasonal management

1.6 Bee products (composition and uses): a) Honey, b) Wax,
c) Bee Venom, d) Propolis, e) Royal jelly, f) Pollen

1.7 Diseases and enemies of Bees: a) Bee diseases-Protozoan (Nosema),
Bacterial (American foul brood), Viral (Sac brood), Fungal (Chalk brood). b) Bee pests – Wax moth (Greater and Lesser), Wax beetle.
c) Bee predators – Green Bee eater, King crow, Wasp, Lizard

1.8 Bee pollination and management of bee colonies for pollination

2. Fisheries 

2.1 An introduction to fisheries and its types (in brief): Freshwater fisheries, Marine fisheries, Brackish water fisheries.

2.2 Habit, habitat and culture methods of following freshwater forms:
a) Rohu (Labeo rohita), b) Catla (Catla catla), c) Mrigal (Cirrhinus mrigala)

2.3 Harvesting methods of following marine forms:
a) Harpodon, b) Mackerel, c) Pearl oyster.

2.4 Crafts and Gears in Indian Fishery:
a) Crafts – Catamaran, Machwa, Dinghi.
b) Gears – Gill net, Dol net, Rampani net, Cast net.

2.5 Fishery by products: a) Fish meal, b) Fish flour, c) Fish Liver oil,
d) Fish manure, e) Fish fin soup

2.6 Fish preservation technique: a) Chilling, b) Freezing, c) Salting,
d) Drying, e) Canning


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