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ZOO-507, 508, 509 | Practical Zoology

T.Y.B.Sc. | Sem V | Zoology



T.Y.B.Sc. | Sem V | ZOO-507, 508, 509
Practical Zoology

We are very glad to present this book on “Practical Zoology’’ in the hands of T.Y.B.Sc. students and teachers. The book is strictly compiled and written according to the CBCS pattern syllabus framed by the board of studies in Zoology, KBC NMU Jalgaon, for T.Y.B.Sc. to be implemented from June 2020 and is written in very simple language giving exhaustive details. References are included at the end of book for ready reference to students and teachers for further study and reading. This will help in generating interest and thorough understanding of the subject. We hope, this book will be useful for students and teachers.


1. Reproductive Endocrinology 
1. Estimation of total gonadal cholesterol from Ovary / Testis.
2. Estimation of Ascorbic acid from Ovary / Testis.
3. Estimation of Protein from Ovary / Testis by Lowry’s method
4. Estimation of Glycogen from Ovary / Testis by Anthrone Method.
5. Study of Histological Structure of Ovary, Testis and Fallopian tube with the help of Permanent slide.
6. Demonstration of various endocrine glands from Rat / Mice with the help of chart / model / figure.
7. Cellular structure of Pituitary, thyroid and Adrenal gland with the help of permanent slide.
8. Pregnancy test (any suitable method).

2. Cell Biology and Molecular Biology 
1. Preparation of permanent slide to show the presence of Barr body in human female Blood / Cheek cells. (E)
2. Preparation of temporary stained squash of onion root tip to study various stages of Mitosis. (E)
3. Study of various stages of Meiosis. (D)
4. Study of cell organelles from photomicrographs (D)
5. Quantitative estimation of RNA from suitable material by Orcinol reagent. (E)
6. Quantitative estimation of DNA from suitable material by Diphenylamine reagent. (E)
7. Preparation of Polytene chromosome from Chironomus/Drosophila larva. (E)
8. Study and interpretation of electron micrographs/photographs showing. (D)
a) DNA replication, b) Transcription, c) Split genes.

3. Mammalian Histology 
1. Study of following tissue with the help of chart/permanent slides / simulations (D).
a) Squamous epithelial tissue b) Cuboidal epithelial tissue
c) Columnar epithelial tissue d) Ciliated epithelial tissue
e) Areolar connective tissue f) Blood smear permanent slide.
2. Temporary preparation of the following tissue of preserved Rat (E).
a) Striated muscle fibre b) Smooth muscle fibre
c) Medullated nerve fibres d) Hyaline cartilage.
3. Study of histological permanent slide of mammalian skin.
4. Study of following histological permanent slide of digestive and respiratory organs. (D)
a) V. S. of Tooth b) V. S. of Tongue c) C. S. of Salivary gland(Parotid gland) d) T. S. of oesophagus e) T. S. of stomach f) T. S. of duodenum g) T. S. of rectum h) T.S. of pancreas i) C. S. of liver j) C. S. of trachea k) C. S. of lung
5. Study of following histological permanent slide of blood vessels, excretory and reproductive systems. (D)
a) T. S. of artery b) T. S. of vein c) T. S. of capillary. d) L. S. of kidney
e) T. S. of testis f) L. S. of ovary
6. Study of following histological permanent slide of endocrine glands. (D)- a) T. S. of pituitary gland b) T. S. of adrenal gland c) C. S. of thyroid gland..

4. Animal Biotechnology 
1. Estimation of DNA in a given sample by Diphenylamine method
2. Estimation of RNA in a given sample by Orcinol method
3. Working principle and application of laminar air flow and autoclave (D)
4. Isolation of microorganisms on nutrient agar by streak plate/ dilution plate method (E)
5. Production ethanol by fermentation using yeast. (E)
6. Culture of bacteria in liquid medium and agar plates. (E)
7. Preparation of primary culture media for cell, tissue, organ. (D)
8. Separation of serum proteins by Agarose or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (E)
9. Study of Biogas plant/ model (D)


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