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Biometric System

Automated Animal Identification


Biometric System is used for identification as well as the recognition. Biometric traits / characteristics are used for the identification purpose. For animal identification we can use face of animal, Iris, texture etc. feature. For our system development we use the iris based feature extraction and classification method. We capture the data from camera traps for collecting wild life pictures. Motion Sensor camera traps collects the wild life pictures with economically. It reduces the manual task. The features are extracted from the collected images. The classification is done based on the features. The Fusion is done for the recognition purpose. We train the images by using neural network classifier which improves the accuracy.

  1. Introduction to Biometric System
  2. Image Preprocessing
  3. Color to gray
  4. Image Enhancement
  5. Image segmentation techniques for Edge Detection
  6. Morphological operation
  7. Region of Interest
  8. Feature extraction of Iris by using Gabor Wavelet
  9. Feature extraction of Iris by using RED algorithm


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