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TYBSc Semester VI

CH-610 (A) | Chemistry of Soil and Agrochemicals

T.Y.B.Sc. | Sem VI | Chemistry

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T.Y.B.Sc. | Sem VI | CH-610 (A)
Chemistry of Soil and Agrochemicals

It’s a great pleasure for us to present this book Chemistry of Soil and Agrochemicals (CH 610 (A), Semester VI) for T.Y.B.Sc. students of the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. This book is written as per the revised syllabus of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune to be implemented from June 2021.
We have tried to explain the concepts and information in lucid language so that students could understand it easily. Many senior faculty members have inspired us to perform this duty. We feel it’s not a new creations but presentation in simple form for the better understanding of students.

1. Soil Chemistry 
1.1 Role of Agricultural Chemistry
1.2 Introduction to Soil Chemistry
1.3 Physical properties of soil
1.4 Surface soil and sub-soil
1.5 Chemical properties of soil – Soil reactions
1.6 Buffer action, buffering capacity, importance of buffer reaction in agriculture, ion exchange and importance of ion exchange.

2. Problematic Soil and Soil Testing 
2.1 Introduction to Problematic Soils
2.2 Acid Soils
2.3 Alkali Soil
2.4 Classification of Alkali Soil
2.5 Soil Testing
2.6 Objectives of Soil Testing

3. Laboratory Methods of Soil Analysis 
3.1 Collection of soil samples from field
3.2 Soil sample preparation for analysis of various parameters
3.3 Digestion and Extraction Procedure for Soil
3.4 Project/Hands on training of Analysis of various parameters of soil and writing project on it

4. Fertilizers and Manures 
Fertilizers –
4.1 Nitrogenous Fertilizers
4.2 Nano- Fertilizers
4.3 Phosphatic fertilizers
4.4 Potassic Fertilizers
4.5 Complex Fertilizers
4.6 Mixed Fertilizers
4.7 Time and mode of applications of fertilizers in the solid and liquid form to plants
4.8 Factors affecting efficiency of fertilizers
Manures –
4.9 Introduction
4.10 Effect of bulky organic manures on soil
4.11 Farm Yard Manures (FYM)
4.12 Biofertilizers
4.13 Vermicompost

5. Protection of Plants 
5.1 Classification of Pesticides
5.2 Insecticide
5.3 Fungicides
5.4 Herbicides
5.5 Nano Pesticides


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