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PHY-121 | Heat and Thermodynamics

F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem II | Paper I | Physics

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F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem II | PHY-121
Heat and Thermodynamics

We are very happy to hand over this text book of F.Y.B.Sc. Heat and Thermodynamics to F.Y.B.Sc. students. This book has been presented to you according to the revised syllabus of Savitribai Phule Pune University implemented from June 2019.
An attempt is made to give more emphasis on essential modern concepts in physics. The concepts are illustrated and elaborated with necessary examples. Sufficient exercise is given at the end of each of each topic for the practice of the students.

1. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 
1.0. Intriduction 1.1. Concept of thermodynamic state, 1.2. Equation of state, 1.2.1. Van der Waal’s equation of state, 1.3.Thermal equilibrium, 1.4. Zeroth law of thermodynamics, 1.5. Thermodynamic processes: Adiabatic, Isothermal, Isobaric and Isochoric changes, 1.6. Indicator diagram, 1.7. Work done during isothermal change, 1.8. Adiabatic relations, 1.9. Work done during adiabatic change, 1.10. Internal energy, Internal energy as state function, 1.11. First law of thermodynamics,
1.12. Reversible and Irreversible changes, • Solved Problems • Exercise.

2. Applied Thermodynamics 
2.0 Introduction 2.1 Conversion of Heat into Work and its Converse 2.2 Second Law of Thermodynamics
2.3 Concept of Entropy 2.4 Temperature-Entropy Diagram 2.5 T-ds Equation 2.6 Clausius – Clapeyron Latent Heat Equations • Solved Problems • Exercise.

3. Heat Transfer Mechanisms 
3.1 Carnot’s Heat Engine, Carnot’s cycle and its Efficiency 3.2 Heat engines- 3.2.1 Otto engine, Otto cycle and its efficiency 3.2.2 Diesel engine, Diesel cycle and its efficiency 3.3 Refrigerator- 3.3.1 Principle of the Refrigerator and Coefficient of performance of Refrigerator 3.3.2 Simple structure of vapour compression refrigerator 3.4 Air Conditioning: Principles and Applications • Solved Problems • Summary • Exercise.

4. Thermometry 
4.0 Introduction 4.1 Concept of heat and temperature 4.2 Principle of thermometry 4.3 Temperature scales and inter-conversions 4.4 Principle, Construction and working of following Thermometers- 4.4.1 Liquid thermometer 4.4.2 Gas thermometry 4.4.3 Bimetallic Thermometers 4.4.4 Platinum resistance thermometer 4.4.5 Thermocouple • Solved problems
• Summary • Exercise.


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