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FYBSc Semester I

CH-103 | Physical, Analytical, Organic

F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem I | Practical Chemistry

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F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem I | CH-103
Physical, Analytical, Organic

We are very glad to present this book on “Practical Chemistry’’ in the hands of F.Y.B.Sc. students. The book is strictly written according to the semester pattern syllabus framed by the board of studies in Chemistry, KBC NMU Jalgaon, for First year B.Sc to be implemented from August 2022 and is written in very simple language giving exhaustive details. The book will help students performing experiments in effective way. We hope, this book will be useful for students and teachers.

1. Physical Chemistry Experiments :
1. Determination of integral enthalpy of solution of salts (KNO3, NH4Cl)
2. Measurement of pH of different solutions like aerated drinks, fruit juices, shampoos and soaps (use dilute solutions of soaps and shampoos to prevent damage to the glass electrode) using pH-meter.
3. Determination of dissociation constant of weak monobasic acid (CH3COOH) by conductance measurement.
4. Determination of relative viscosity of liquid A and B by viscometer.
5. Determination of percentage composition (v/v) of given mixture of ethyl alcohol and water by viscometer.

2. Analytical Chemistry Experiments :
1. Preparation of std. 0.1N oxalic acid solution and standardization of NaOH solution.
2. Preparation of std. 0.1N K2Cr2O7 solution and standardization of ferrous ammonium sulphate solution.
3. Preparation of std. 0.1N NaCl solution and standardization of AgNO3 solution.
4. Preparation of std. 0.1N ZnSO4 solution and standardization of EDTA solution.
5. Determination of loss per gram and percentage purity of Zinc Carbonate gravimetrically.
(Instruction:Prepare standard solutions preferably by using 50 ml volumetric flask).

3. Organic Qualitative Analysis :
1) Type determination
2) Preliminary tests
3) Physical constant
4) Functional group tests
(Structural formula not expected)


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