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TYBSc Semester V

CH-507-508-509 | Practical Chemistry

T.Y.B.Sc. | Sem V | Chemistry

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T.Y.B.Sc. | Sem V | CH-507-508-509
Practical Chemistry
(Physical, Inorganic, Organic)

We are very glad to present this book on “Practical Chemistry’’ in the hands of T.Y.B.Sc. students. The book is strictly written according to the semester pattern syllabus framed by the board of studies in Chemistry, KBC NMU Jalgaon, for Third year B.Sc to be implemented from June 2020 and is written in very simple language giving exhaustive details. The book will help students performing experiments in effective way. We hope, this book will be useful for students and teachers.

CH – 507 : Physical Chemistry Practical

1. Conductometric titration of mixture of acids and hence determine the strength of acids.
2. Determine the degree of hydrolysis and hydrolysis constant of sodium acetate conductometrically.

1. Determine Ecal and pH of buffer solution (Citric acid + Na2HPO4) using quinhydrone electrode.
2. Determine the pKa and Ka of weak monobasic acid by potentiometric titration.

1. Determine the amount of aspirin in the given tablet.
2. Determine the pKa of various mixtures of sodium acetate and acetic acid in solution and hence to find the dissociation constant.

1. To study the kinetics of inversion of cane sugar by polarimeter.
2. Determine the concentration of given solution of an optically active substance (cane sugar) by polarimetric measurement.

Flame Photometry 
1. Estimation of Na / K by flame photometer in the given sample.

1. Determine the refractive indices of series of KCl solution and hence unknown concentration of given KCl solution.

Chemical Kinetics 
1. Study the hydrolysis of methyl acetate in presence of hydrochloric acid.
2. Determine the energy of activation of the reaction between K2S2O8 and KI. (Equal initial concentration)
3. Investigate the kinetics of iodination of acetone (zero order reaction).

1. Determine the molecular weight of high polymer using its solution of different concentration.

Partition Coefficient 
1. Determine the partition coefficient of iodine between carbon tetrachloride and water.

CH – 508 : INORGANIC Chemistry Practical

Inorganic Qualitative Analysis (Any Five) 
Binary mixtures containing common anions (Excluding phosphates and borates).

Ore Analysis (Any Two) 
i) Heamatite ore -Estimation of Iron volumetrically
ii) Pyrolusite ore- Estimation of Manganese volumetrically
iii) Dolomite ore -Estimation of Calcium volumetrically

Alloy Analysis (Any Two) 
i) Estimation of Zn from Brass alloy.
ii) Estimation of Tin gravimetrically as SnO2 from solder alloy.
iii) Estimation of Copper iodometrically from nichrome alloy.
iv) Determination of iron gravimetrically from stainless steel.

Colourimetric analysis (Any one) 
i) Colourimetric titration of Cu(II) against EDTA method.
ii) Estimation of Titanium using hydrogen peroxide.

CH – 509 : ORGANIC Chemistry Practical

Separation of Binary Mixtures and Qualitative Analysis (Any 6) 
a) Solid-Solid (4 Mixtures) b) Solid-Liquid (1 Mixture) c) Liquid-Liquid (1 Mixture) At least one mixture from each of the following should be given-Acid-Base, Acid-Phenol, Acid-Neutral, Phenol-Base, Phenol-Neutral, Base-Neutral and Neutral- Neutral. (Solid-solid mixtures must be insoluble in water).

Organic Estimations (Any 2) 
1. Estimation of acetamide
2. Estimation of basicity (Number of -COOH groups) of acid
3. Estimation of glycine
4. Saponification value of oil.

Green Chemistry Preparation (Any 2) 
1. Synthesis of acetanilide from aniline by using Zn dust / acetic acid.
2. Synthesis of dibenzalpropanone from benzaldehyde and acetone. using LiOH.H2O/NaOH
3. Synthesis of p- bromo acetanilide from acetanilide by using KBr.
4. Synthesis of dihydropyrimidinone from ethyl ace to acetate, benzaldehyde and urea
5. Diels-Alder reaction between furan and maleic acid [4 + 2] Cycloaddition Reaction


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