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TYBSc Semester VI

PHY 3610 (V) | Solar PV System : Installation, Repairing and Maintenance

T.Y.B.Sc. | Sem VI | Physics



T.Y.B.Sc. | Sem VI | PHY 3610 (V)
Solar PV System : Installation, Repairing and Maintenance

Energy is the one of the important filed for the future. The applied part of energy science useful to human society, nation and individual called ‘Energy Technology’. Before the industrial revolution, people were essentially dependent on manual and labor. With change in the life style, people start to use fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, natural oil, etc. These fossil fuels are limited and our requirement increases day by day. Hence, we have to look for some other source of energy, which can fulfill our current and future demands. Such energy source known as renewable energy source. Photovoltaic system is one of the way of harnessing renewable energy in efficient way.
This book written to give brief idea about the basics physics behind PV system, types of the PV system, important parts of the PV system. In chapter 1, authors discussed the sun as the renewable energy sources, photovoltaic effect, working of solar cell, and some of the important points in the view of designing of PV system. In chapter 2, authors discussed the various types of solar radiations and the various instruments used to measure the solar radiations. In chapter 3, authors discussed the basics of PV system, important components of PV systems, system designing and possible application of the PV systems.

1. Introduction 
1.1 The sun, earth and renewable energy
1.2 The photovoltaic effect
1.3 Silicon solar cell
1.4 Types of solar cell
1.5 Photovoltaic cell, PV module and Array
1.6 PV cell or PV Module Parameters
1.7 Sunshine and Shadow, Tracking mechanism, aligning the Array

2. Solar Radiations and Measurement 
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Solar Constant
2.3 Solar radiation at the earth surface
2.4 Need of solar radiation measurement
2.5 Instruments for the measurement of solar radiation

3. Basics Solar PV Systems 
3.1 Basics types of PV Systems on grid and off grid
3.2 DC to AC Conversion
3.3 Building-integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
3.4 Balancing of PV system
3.5 System Components
3.6 Hybrid Systems
3.7 System sizing
3.8 Applications of off grid PV System


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