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SYBSc Semester IV

PHY-403 | Practical Physics

S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem IV | Physics

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S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem IV | PHY-403
Practical Physics

We are very glad to present the book “PHY– 403 : PRACTICAL PHYSICS’’ in the hands of SYBSc students. The book is strictly written and complied according to the semester pattern syllabus framed by the Board of Studies in Physics, KBC NMU Jalgaon, for Second year BSc to be implemented from June 2019 and is written in lucid, simple language giving exhaustive details. Questions of various types are included at the end of each chapter. This will help in generating interest and thorough understanding of the subject. We hope, this book will be useful for the students and teachers.

Practical No. 1 
To investigate the motion of coupled oscillators.

Practical No. 2 
To determine the Frequency of an Electrically Maintained Tuning Fork by Melde’s Experiment and to verify λ2 – T Law.

Practical No. 3 
To study Lissajous Figures and demonstration of Lissajous figures by using C.R.O.

Practical No. 4 
Study of acoustic resonance by using bottle as a resonator.

Practical No. 5 
Determination of velocity of sound by using Kundt’s tube.

Practical No. 6 
Study of resonance using Kater’s pendulum.

Practical No. 7 
Log decrement.

Practical No. 8 
Damping coefficient.

Practical No. 9 
Study of acoustic resonance by using resonance tube.

Practical No. 10 
To determine the Resolving Power of a Prism.

Practical No. 11 
To determine the value of Cauchy Constants of a material of a prism.

Practical No. 12 
To determine wavelength of sodium light using Fresnel Biprism.

Practical No. 13 
To determine wavelength of sodium light using Newton’s Rings.

Practical No. 14 
To determine the refractive index of a liquid by using Newton’s rings apparatus.

Practical No. 15 
Determination of specific rotation α of optically active substance using Polarimeter.

Practical No. 16 
Measurement of beam size of a LASER beam.

Practical No. 17 
Measurement of beam divergence of a LASER beam.

Practical No. 18 
To determine the wavelength of light from LASER source using Diffraction grating.

Practical No. 19 
To determine wavelength of (1) Sodium & (2) spectrum of Mercury light using plane diffraction Grating.

Practical No. 20 
To determine the Resolving Power of a Plane Diffraction Grating.


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