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SYBSc Semester IV

BO-231 & 241 | Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Plant Ecology | Plant Anatomy and Embryology

S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III & IV | Paper I | Botany

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S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III & IV | BO-231 & 241
BO-231 : Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Plant Ecology
BO-241 : Plant Anatomy and Embryology

Taxonomy is the theory & practice of classification. It is one of the oldest field of biology. The wealth of vegetation show a wild diversity of form & mode of life. Some are gigantic trees while few angiosperms are minute floating herbs. We are dependent on plants for most of our needs & thus primitive man also tried to group plants according to their economic uses. Plant ecology is the study of plants in their natural home or habitat. It is the study of plants in relation to their environment. Taxonomy of angiosperms &plant ecology is first part of this small book which is first semester (SemIII) syllabus for CBCS 2020 pattern for S.Y.B.Sc. Botany .
The study of gross internal structures of plant organs by the technique of section cutting is called plant anatomy. It deals with the study of internal structures of the various organs of the plant from cell to tissue from tissue to system, organ level also. Plant embryology is the study of structures & development of embryo & seeds. It also includes the development & structures of male & female reproductive,structure,pollination and fertilization, Embryo it structures and development. This is second semester (Sem IV) Botany Paper I of S.Y.B.Sc. Botany.

BO 231 : Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Plant Ecology

1 Introduction to Plant Taxonomy

2 Systems of Classification

3 Study of Plant Families

4 Botanical Nomenclature

5 Introduction to Ecology

6 Ecological Grouping of the Plants

BO 241 : Plant Anatomy and Embryology

1 Introduction to Plant Anatomy

2 Epidermal Tissue System

3 Mechanical Tissue System

4 Vascular Tissue System

5 Normal Secondary Growth

6 Anomalous Secondary Growth

7 Introduction to Plant Embryology

8 Microsporangium and Male Gametophyte

9 Megasporangium and Female Gametophyte

10 Pollination And Fertilization

11 Endosperm and Embryo


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