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SYBSc Semester III

BOT-303 | Practical Botany

S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III | Botany

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S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III | BOT-303
Practical Botany

We feel delighted in presenting the revised “A Text Book of Practical Botany” for S. Y. B. Sc. students & teachers of Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. It includes practicals based on
(BOT- 301 AND 302) prescribed by B.O.S. in Botany, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.
This practical manual furnishes its level best, for the practical information required for completion of practical syllabus of S. Y. B. Sc. Botany Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. We are confident that this book will prove a feasible assistance to the students and teachers while working in the laboratory. Adequate care has been taken regarding the correctness of the diagrams drawn and matter written in a manual to eliminate the routine error as far as possible. This book is fairly illustrated and many possible details have been incorporated.
We acknowledge with gratitude the kind of help and encouragement that received in the preparation of this book from many of our collegues. The healthy suggestions and critisms from all corners of university are invited for subsequent edition.

Practical No. 1 (i) 
Study of Meristems (Permanent Slides/ Photographs)

Practical No. 1 (ii) 
Study of Simple Tissues: Parenchyma, Collenchyma and Sclerenchyma
(Permanent Slides / Photographs).

Practical No. 2 (i) 
Study of Macerated Xylem and Phloem Elements. (Permanent Slides / Photographs).

Practical No. 2 (ii) 
Study of Dicot Leaf (Sunflower) and Monocot Leaf (Maize). (Permanent Slides / Photographs).

Practical No. 3 and 4 
Study of Primary Structure of Dicot Stem (Sunflower) and Monocot (Maize) Stem.

Practical No. 5 
Study of Primary Structure of Dicot Root (Sunflower) and Monocot Root (Maize) (P. S.)

Practical No. 6 and 7 
Study of Secondary Growth Structure in Dicot Stem and Root (Sunflower)

Practical No. 8 
Study of Trichomes and Stomata with the help of Locally Available Plant Materials.

Practical No. 9 
To Determine DPD by using the Potato Tuber.

Practical No. 10 
Determination of Osmotic Potential of Plant Cell Sap by Plasmatic Method.

Practical No. 11 
To Study the Effect of Two Environmental Factors (Light And Wind) on Transpiration by Excised Twig.

Practical No. 12 and 13 
Qualitative Assessment of Minerals in Plant Ash (Any Two from Macro and Micro Elements).

Practical No. 14 
Demonstration Experiments

Practical No. 15 
Demonstration Experiments


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