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SYBSc Semester III

ELE-302 | Microprocessors and Applications

S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III | Electronics

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S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III | ELE-302
Microprocessors and Applications

When discrete components and integrated circuits played a vital role in technology development, the advent of microprocessor has changed completely the system design for various real time applications.
A microprocessor is a programmable electronics chip that has computing and decision making capabilities similar to central processing unit of a computer. Any microprocessor based systems having limited number of resources are called microcomputers. Nowadays, microprocessor can be seen in almost all types of electronics devices like mobile phones, printers, automotive electronics, home appliances, electronic toys, and a variety of industrial applications.
This book covers topics ranging from microprocessor (8-bit microprocessors Intel 8085) hardware structures, addressing modes, instruction set, simple programming to the memory and ADC/DAC interfacing.


Unit 1 Fundamentals of Microcomputer
1.1 Simple Microcomputer Architecture
1.2 Data storage (idea of RAM and ROM)
1.3 Memory Interfacing
1.4 Memory Map
1.5 High level language
1.6 Low level language
1.7 Compiler
1.8 Assembler

Unit 2 Architecture of 8085
2.1 Features of 8085
2.2 Block Diagram of 8085
2.3 Function of each block
2.4 Hardware Interrupt
2.5 Pin-out diagram of 8085 and function of each pin
2.6 Data and address buses
2.7 De-multiplexing the Bus (AD7- AD0)
2.8 Timing states (T-state), Machine Cycle, Instruction cycle
2.9 Timing diagram for Read and write operation (MOV A, M and MOV M, A)

Unit 3 Instruction Set of 8085 Microprocessor
3.1 Study of addressing mode for 8085 – 3.1.1 Implied Addressing. 3.1.2 Register Addressing. 3.1.3 Immediate Addressing. 3.1.4 Direct Addressing. 3.1.5 Register Indirect Addressing.
3.2 Instruction set – 3.2.1 Data Transfer Group 3.2.3 Logical Group 3.2.4 Branching Group 3.2.5 Machine control group.

Unit 4 Assembly Language Programming
4.1 Assembly Language Format
4.2 Types of instruction
4.3 Arithmetic program
4.4 Code conversion programs

Unit 5 Microprocessor and Interfacing Applications
5.1 Programmable Peripheral Interface PPI 8255- 5.1.1 Pin diagram of the 8255A 5.1.2 Block diagram of the 8255
5.2 Operation Modes of PPI
5.3 Control word format
5.4 I/O Mode (Input/Output)
5.5 BSR Mode (Bit set/Reset)
5.6 DAC (IC 1408) and ADC (IC 0801) and their Interfacing with 8085


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