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GG-301 | Environmental Geography

S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III | Geography



S.Y.B.Sc. | Sem III | GG-301
Environmental Geography

The study of Environmental Geography has got unprecedented importance in the recent times. This book is specially prepared for the students of Second Year B. Sc. class (C.B.C.S.) of Kaviyatri Bahinabai Chuadhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. It is also useful for the syllabi of other universities. This book is concerned with the experimental aspects and allied information which is the core part of studies in the subject.
In the book Environmental Geography discussed Environmental approaches, human life in various regions, ecology, biodiversity, pollution, management etc. We hope discussion on them will be helpful for students, teachers and scholar researchers

Unit 1 
Introduction to Environmental Geography

Unit 2 
Man and Environmental Relationship

Unit 3 
Environmental Problems and Management

Unit 4 
National Environmental Policy and Movement


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