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FYBSc Semester I

CH-102 | Organic Chemistry

F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem I | Chemistry

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F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem I | CH-102
Organic Chemistry

We are very happy to hand over this text book of F.Y.B.Sc. Organic Chemistry to F.Y.B.Sc. students. This book has been presented to you according to the revised syllabus of Savitribai Phule Pune University implemented from June 2019.
An attempt is made to give more emphasis on essential modern concepts in chemistry. The concepts are illustrated and elaborated with necessary examples. Sufficient exercise is given at the end of each of each topic for the practice of the students.

1. Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry 
1.1. Physical Effects
1.2. Electronic Displacements
1.3. Electromeric Effect
1.4. Resonance or Mesomeric Effect
1.5. Hyperconjugation
1.6. Cleavage of Bonds
1.7. Structure, Shape and Reactivity of organic molecules
1.8. Reactive Intermediates
1.9. Strength of organic acids and bases
1.10. Aromaticity: Benzenoid and Huckel’s Rule

2. Stereochemistry 
2.1. Classification of Isomers
2.2. Representation of Organic molecules
2.3. Conformational isomerism in alkanes
2.4. Configuration Isomerism
2.5 Physical properties of geometrical isomers
2.6. Chemical properties of geometrical isomers
2.7. Optical Isomers
2.8. Chirality
2.9. Optical Isomerism
2.10. Enantiomerism
2.11. Diastereomerism
2.12. Meso compounds
2.13. Erythro and Threo
2.14. D and L nomenclature
2.15. Configuration

3. Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 
3.1. Nomenclature
3.2. Classification of Carbon and Hydrogen atoms
3.3. Isomerism in alkanes
3.4. Physical Properties
3.5. Preparation of alkanes
3.6. Reactions of alkanes
3.7. Introduction
3.8. Nomenclature of Alkenes
3.9. Physical properties of alkenes
3.10. Preparation of alkenes
3.11. Reactions of alkenes
3.12. Introduction
3.13. Nomenclature of alkynes
3.14. Physical properties of alkynes
3.15. Preparation of alkynes
3.16. Reactions of alkynes


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