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पीटर ताबीची …आग्रह ‘जीवन’ शिक्षणाचा!


”I am pleased, honoured and humbled to be selected from thousands of applicants from around the world to be one of the Top 10 Finalists for the 2019 Prize! I appreciate this great recognition on behalf of all the hardworking teachers throughout the world whose great achievements go unnoticed. This nomination has made me view teachers as superstars that the world needs to recognize. My enormous salute goes to all of this year’s finalists who have transformed and are transforming the lives of learners and that of the society in different ways. Very special thanks to the Global Teacher Prize Team for selecting me.”

Peter Tabichi – Aagrah Jivan Shikshanacha

  • स्वत:ला विसरा
  • सुरूवात…
  • कुणीही बिनकामाचा नाहीये…! – पीटर
  • पीटरचं मनोगत
  • हम पाँच…
  • ‘ग्रुप स्टडी’चे फायदे
  • पीटरचा ‘वर्ग’
  • ‘उपक्रम’ कशासाठी?
  • पांढरे निशाण उभारायची घाई करू नकोस…
  • उस्ताद जाकीर हुसेन : उत्तम शिक्षक, मार्गदर्शक
  • पीटरच्या घवघवीत यशाबद्दल…
  • सलगीचं सांगणं …
  • एक छोटी गोष्ट… सर्वांसाठी
  • सहज सांगणे


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