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Career Management


A career is something with long time goals for which we make money. The funny things about careers are that they are regularly discussed in a poor manner. Career is a word that is a lot broader than job, and can represent many jobs that a person may have accomplished in his lifestyles. In a country an expanded journey, in which someone uses his education, capabilities, expertise, experience and studies. Career pf a person is a sum of all the occasions, jobs, relationships, training as well as enjoyment activities that may have been part of the life of an individual.

  1. Overview to Career Management : Career and Education, Vocation, Job, Occupation, Profession, Relationship between Profession and Job, Difference between Profession and Job, Difference between Career and Occupation, Difference between Occupation and Profession, Goal Setting: SMART Goal Setting, Process of Goal Setting, SWOT Analysis, Career in Commerce and Management after graduation with respect to different specialization
  2. Self- Employment & Entrepreneurship as Career : Concept of self-employment: Required traits of personality, Features of self-employment, Entrepreneurship – Meaning, Advantages and Obstacle inhibiting entrepreneurship, Job Requirements – Employability requirements Knowledge, Skill
  3. Career Growth – Local to Global : Introduction to Career Growth, Earning and Learning Scheme, Importance of Aptitude and Attitude in Career Self-Study – a tool to enrich the career, Advantages of self-study, Need of self-study, Knowing foreign languages – an emerging career option
  4. Counselling : Meaning of Counselling, Importance of Counselling, Effects of Counselling, Process of Counselling, Counselling as Career – Job of a counsellor, Eligibility, Qualification of counselling courses, Purpose of Counselling, Aim and Objectives of Counselling, Problems in Counselling, Types of Counselling, Counselling Techniques used by Counsellors, Counselling Theories and Approaches
  5. Guidance : Meaning and Definition of Guidance, Personal Guidance, Need of Personal Guidance, Group Guidance: Definition, Techniques of Group Guidance
  6. Work Life Balance : Role of Money in Career, Health and Career, Family Life and Career, Social Life and Career
  7. Human Development and Career : Importance of Human Development, IQ, EQ, SQ, Social Quotient and Spiritual Quotient, Self Sufficiency – self-reliance and career, Balanced Mind and Spiritual Growth
  8. Lifelong Learning : Steps in Lifelong Learning, Tips to Achieve Effective Learning, Lifelong Learning: a tool for all ages, Tackling the Barriers to Lifelong Learning, Promoting ICT knowledge for older people, Lifelong learning – a means of integration older migrants, Continuous Learning (Non-stop studying), Continuous Learning for individuals and groups, Business Sustainability and Continuous Learning, Social Learning and continuous Learning, E-learning and Rapid E-learning
  9. Career in Management Courses : Career in Hotel Management, Career in Event Management, Career in Retail Management, Career in Banking Sector, Career Opportunities in Insurance Sector in India


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