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Law and Society Crime Against Women in India


In my initial year of practice in court, I witnessed many cases in which women were victimised and I found in numerous situations though not at fault women fell prey to criminal.
India has strong constitutional foundation to empower women and has enough laws to protect her, but still women right to life and dignity is continuously being violated.
Therefore, this book is an attempt to explore the main components responsible for increased crime against women, along with legal aspect it has covered dimensional issues which everyone can relate.
This book explains various laws made to protect women and deals with the distinct forms of crimes which are frequently committed against women, and to help ameliorate this national problem, law must be contravently used to control the same, It also encompasses requisite need to make various combating measures to tackle the present situation and for proper responding to crime against women, which can ensure women safety, with the role of judiciary to expand the dimension toward safety of woman, the book also incorporate the genuine requirement of correct societal behavior towards women, embracing respect and diversity for women, as women are left on streets to suffer while the world watches in silence and with indifference and therefore the society needs to inculcate respect for women.

The book is in simple and influential words. Every page is thought provoking and relates to the actual condition of justice in crime against women in our society.

– Adv. Rajesh S. Uppadhay

  1. Understanding Crime Against Women 
  2. Constitutional Provision for Women in India : 2.1 Preamble of Indian Constitution, 2.2 Amenities for Women Empowerment., 2.3 Veracious meaning of discrimination., 2.4 Constitutional Rights and privileges for women in India.
  3. Women’s Legal Right : Framing Women’s Access to Justice  : 3.1 Legal Provision for Women., 3.2 Special Laws and Initiatives for women’s right., 3.3 Offence Against Women in Indian Penal Code, 1860.
  4. Legal Provision to Dissuade Crime Against Women : 4.1 Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2013., 4.2 Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018., 4.3 Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2019.
  5. Law and Justice in Present Legal System : 5.1 Hierarchy of Criminal Court in India., 5.2 Fast Track Court in India., 5.3 Constructing preventive strategies to tackle crime against women.
  6. Respect for Women : a vital need of Social Transformation


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