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Handbook on NAAC Assessment and Accreditation


This book is an outcome of the careful study of practices and strategies followed and implemented by the HEIs as directed by NAAC to mark quality performance. Recently, NAAC has introduced a revised assessment and accreditation framework. It has been a grave and seriously discussed issue among the stakeholders in India to accept and exercise the framework and to obtain quality status to the institutes. This revised framework by NAAC has itself become a significant issue and a challenge especially to the institutes located in the semi-urban, rural, tribal and remote areas. Identifying the need and demand of quality discussions on the revised pattern, this initiative is taken up in bringing together experiences, reflections, and contemplation of the stakeholders to contribute quality material on institutional assessment and accreditation process.

This book, being an edited one deals with recent developments in NAAC assessment and accreditation process as introduced by NAAC after July 2017. It comprises of several resourcefully contributed articles satisfying the need to face NAAC A & A process successfully. This handbook shall prove much fruitful to the Higher Education Institutes across India willing to get assessed and accredited by NAAC in the revised framework and also to those who wish to plan, design, and deploy resourceful strategies to develop quality culture on their campuses.

  1. NAAC: Vision-Mission and Core Values – Dr. Gajanan P. Patil
  2. Getting to NAAC : Eligibility for Assessment and Accreditation Process – Dr. Gajanan P. Patil
  3. Student Satisfaction Survey and Essential Metrics in Self-Study Report (SSR) – Dr.Gajanan P.Patil
  4. Revised Assessment and Accreditation System and the Role of IQAC – Dr. Gajanan P. Patil
  5. The Importance of Evaluation of Students in Assessment and Accreditation – Dr. Umesh G. Patil
  6. New NAAC Methodology and Higher Education Institutes in Rural Area – Dnyaneshwar Shantaram Chavan
  7. The Role of NAAC in the Development of Higher Education – Dr. Pradip. G. Sonawane
  8. Role of NAAC in promoting quality of Higher Education – Umesh Y. Gangurde
  9. Higher Education Development and The Role of NAAC With Reference to Arts, Science and Commerce Colleges – Dr.Vijay Bhaidas Bachchhao
  10. The Role of IQAC in Higher Educational Institutions in Sustaining worth Standards in Teaching, Learning and evaluation – Sonal Pramod Patil, Minal T. Kolhe
  11. Foibles of NAAC: A Study – Dr. Pravin S. Borse
  12. Innovations in IQAC Programmes and Their Implementation- Dr. Gajanan P. Patil
  13. Teaching Learning Process and Role of IQAC – Anna Abarao Muley
  14. Concerns and Challenges in Higher Education in India : The Role of IQAC – Dr.Anil P. Patil
  15. NAAC: A Quality in Higher Education – Dr. Mahadev K. Waghmode
  16. Role of IQAC for Pharmacy Education in India – Prin. Praneta Desale
  17. ICT – Defining the Role of Future Education in India – Dr. Atul Padmakar Khose
  18. Teaching with Technology : The Change and Challenges – Liladhar Shivajirao Patil
  19. Preparation of SSR/RAR in NAAC Assessment and Accreditation Process – Manik P. Suryawanshi
  20. Utilization of ICT For Development of Educational Activities In Rural Areas – Arun Ambu Patil
  21. Concept and Meaning of Teaching Technology – Madhukar B. Wagh
  22. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) In Education – Dr. Vinay Pawar, Harshada Patil
  23. Best Practices Run by SJMSM’s Arts & Commerce College Library : An Overview – P. B. Ghante, – Dr. A.N.Chikate
  24. ICT in Teaching Learning Process – Dr. Vandana Sharma


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