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Career Management and Counselling


This text is written to fill the gaps in the background of certain managers. These hypothetical Managers Because of education, experience, and general philosophical orientation are very good at seeing some things and are completely oblivious to others. But unfortunately a number of things escape their notice greatly affects their career advancement and even their day to day happiness my intention is to give context to sometimes disconnected and confusing phenomena of the work place and society so that interested managers can incorporate it with their particular reality. Once the subtleties of the work place are recognizable in their view of the world, perspective managers can adapt their behavioral patterns to be more successful and happier in their chosen career.

  1. Career Management : 1. Career and Education, 2. Vocation, Job, Occupation, Profession, Trade Business, 3. Goal Setting, 4. SWOT Analysis, 5. Career in Commerce and Management after graduation with respect to different Specialization.
  2. Getting employed and being entrepreneur as Career : 1. Getting employed – Meaning, Advantages and Limitations, 2. Job Requirements – Employability requirements Knowledge, Skill, 3. Entrepreneurship – Meaning, Advantages and Limitations, 4. Willingness to – work, learn, accept and adjust
  3. What is the Difference Between Career Growth and Career Development : 1. Introduction to Career Growth, 2. Earning and Learning, 3. Importance of Aptitude and Attitude in Career, 4. Self-Study – a tool to enrich the career, 5. Career out of hobbies and Sport, 6. Knowing foreign languages – an emerging career option
  4. What is Counselling? Meaning, Need and Significance : 1. Meaning of Counselling, 2. Importance of Counselling, 3. Process of Counselling – Ventilation and Listening, 4. Effects of Counselling, 5. Counselling as Career
  5. Work + Life Balance : 1. Role of Money in Career, 2. Health and Career, 3. Family Life and Career, 4. Social Life and Career
  6. Human Development and Career : 1. Importance of Human Development, 2. IQ, EQ, SQ, Social Quotient and Spiritual Quotient, 3. Self Sufficiency – self-reliance and career, 4. Balanced Mind and Spiritual Growth.


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