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Contemplation (A Collection of Poems)


Since the time of Plato’s The Republic, generally, the readers have been digesting poetry to enjoy, encourage and save mankind. Composing English poem, nowadays has become a global phenomenon which enlightens human relation in the universe. A piece of poetry carries a load of human ideology and its cult-culture of the particular era and region. No doubt, the poetic creation elaborates one’s inspirations and experiences about socio-cultural and religious fluctuations and changes from time to time. These motions give birth to subject matter which are illustrated in Contemplation like human plight, education, social exploitation, conflict, identity, agricultural activities, ignorance and Nature.

Contemplation, in this sense, illustrates multi-cultural standards which human beings must save for own and future generations. These moral authorities create life safe and secure on the earth. At last, hard labour becomes keynote to taste the fruits of Work Culture which is accepted all over the earth for progression of human beings till the doom of the world. Contemplation, really saves the environment and its related components without ignoring the place and significance of man in society. In response to the said matter and manner, Contemplation bridges a living moral relation

1. My Chairman Dr. Annasaheb -A Visionary Icon, 2. Crisis, 3. The Pilot, 4. Mother, 5. The Border, 6. Advice, 7. Death, 8. The Collector, 9. The Saint, 10. The Bird, 11. A Saint-Saibaba, 12. Bidai, 13. Foreign Doctor, 14. Self-Self, 15. Burning Yard, 16. Suicide, 17. Love For Motherland, 18. A Racial Lamp, 19. E-Home, 20. A Defeated Teacher, 21. First World War Injury, 22. Self , 23. Introspection, 24. Private School, 25. Sacrifice


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