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Methods of Teaching English


  1. Language : Introduction, Definition, Characteristics, Functions.
  2. Place and Importance of English Language : Introduction, Place and importance, Three language formula, Objectives, English with standard pronunciation.
  3. Aims and objectives of teaching : English as a second language, Introduction, Aims of teaching learning of English, Skills of teaching learning of English, Objectives.
  4. Reading Skills : Objective of reading skills, Methods of teaching reading.
  5. Teaching of Prose : Introduction, Definition, Objectives and aims of teaching prose.
  6. Teaching of Poetry : Introduction, Definition, Aims and Objectives of teaching poetry, Present situation of teaching poetry, Steps of teaching poetry.
  7. Teaching of Grammar : Importance, Objective, Limitation of Grammar, When to begin Grammar and what to teach, Types of Grammar.
  8. Teaching of Composition : Introduction, Definition, Objective of teaching composition.
  9. Annual Plan, Unit Plan And Lesson Plan : Background, Definition, Importance, Types of planning, Annual plan, Concept of Annual plan.
  10. Difficulties in the teaching of English : Introduction, The problems and difficulties, Large number of students, Lack of training, Translation method, Text books defective.
  11. Principle of curriculum construction : Concepts of curriculum, Definition, Aims & objectives of curriculum, Principal of curriculum construction.
  12. Diagnostic testing and remedial English teaching : Diagnostic test, Concept of diagnostic test, Use of diagnosis, Two step of diagnosis test.
  13. English Teacher : Meaning, Importance of English teacher, Qualities of English teacher.
  14. Co-curricular Activities : Introduction, Co-curricular Activities.
  15. The Subject Room of English [Language Laboratory] : Need, Definition, Use, Types of language laboratories, Features of Language Laboratory.
  16. Evaluation : Meaning, Test, Examination, Unit Test, Importance of unit test, Steps in unit test construction, Characteristics of a good test.
  17. Tools of Evolution : Oral test, Written Test, Types of Evolution.
  18. English Teachers Association : Professional growth of English teacher, Tools to develop professional growth of English teacher, English teachers Association, Need.
  19. Syllabus : Meaning, Definition, Concepts, Types of Syllabus, Difference between curriculum an syllabus, Criteria of a good text book.
  20. Teacher’s Hand Book : Introduction, Use of teachers hand book, Effective use of hand book, Work book, Use of work book.
  21. Audio-Visual Aids in teaching of English Language : Introduction, Need/Utility/Importance, Types of Instruction Aids, Audio Aids, Audio-Visual aids.
  22. The Phonology of English : The phonology of English, The Speech Mechanism, Place of Articulation, The manner of articulation, Consonants, Vowels, Diphthongs.


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