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Essentials of Business Communication

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  1. Business Communication : 1.1 Meaning, Definition, Objectives and Importance of Business Communication 1.2 Principles of Effective Communication in Business 1.3 Types of Communication 1.4 Barriers of Business Communication 1.5 Measures to Overcome Barriers in Communication 1.6 Seven C’s of Communication
  2. Business Correspondence : 2.1 Meaning, Importance, Qualities and Layout of Business Letter 2.2 Do’s and Don’ts of Business Correspondence Letters 2.3 Types of Business Letters: Enquiry Letters, Quotation Letters, Placing Orders, Inviting Tenders, Credit and Status Enquiry letters, Complaint Letters and Circular Letters
  3. Agency & Franchisee Correspondence : 3.1 Essentials of Agency Correspondence 3.2 Points Considered in Application for Agency and Franchise 3.3 Hints for Drafting Agency and Franchise related Letters 3.4 Agency Agreement 3.5 Sample Letters
  4. Employment Related Correspondence : 4.1 Importance and Function of Application Letter 4.2 Structure & Drafting the Application Letter 4.3 Preparing the Resume 4.4 Letter of Appointment 4.5 Resignation Letter 4.6 Job Acceptance/Consent Letter 4.7 Job Refusal Letter 4.8 Letter Informing Non-Selection
  5. Soft Skills : 5.1 Meaning, Definition and Importance of Soft Skills 5.2 Elements of Soft Skills 5.2.1 Grooming Manners and Etiquettes 5.2.2 Effective Speaking 5.2.3 Interview Skills 5.2.4 Listening 5.2.5 Group Discussion 5.2.6 Oral Presentation
  6. Modern Technology in Business Communication : 6.1 Role of Information Technology in Business Communication 6.2 Advantages and Disadvantages 6.3 Word Processor, Internet, E-mail, Chatting, Fax, Video Conferencing, Tele-conferencing 6.4 Overhead Projector


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