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Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 :

Electronic Record and Electronic Signature (CFR Rules)


This book explicitly covers laws and rules that are made pertaining to electronic records and electronic signatures. Provisions related to the security of electronic records and electronic signature to maintain their genuineness is also elaborated. Along with this the book also contains code of federal regulations that explicitly deals with electronic records and electronic signatures. Hence, this book will be helpful to comprehend and understand the transaction and uses of electronic records and electronic signatures in E-Commerce.

  1. General Definition of Electronic Record & Electronic Signature : 1.1 Major components of computer technology, 1.2 Description of electronic record, 1.2.1 Transmission of electronic record, 1.3 Authentication of electronic record, 1.3.1 Hash function, 1.3.2 Asymmetric cryptosystem, 1.4 Definition of electronic signature.
  2. Determination of Electronic Records & Signature in Law : 2.1 Legal recognition of an electronic records, 2.1.1 Legal recognition of electronic signature, 2.2 Use of Electronic Records and Electronic Signature in Government and its Agencies, 2.3 Retention of electronic record, 2.4 Attribution of electronic record, 2.5 Acknowledgment of Receipt – section 12, 2.6 Time, place of dispatch, and receipt of electronic record.
  3. The Information Technology Reasonable Security Practices and Procedure and Sensitive Personal Data or Information Rules, 2011 : 3.1 Defining sensitive personal data, 3.2 Policy for privacy and disclosure of information, 33 Collection, disclosure & transfer of information.
  4. Security Procedure of Electronic Record and Electronic Signature : 4.1 Security system and security procedure, 4.1.1 Secure system, 4.1.2 Secure electronic record and signature, 4.2 Steps to grants, issue & revocation of license about electronic signature.
  5. CFR Rules and Regulations Relating to Electronic Record and Electronic Signatures : 5.1 General provision, 5.1.1 Implementation, 5.1.2 Definitions, 5.2 Electronic records, 5.2.1 Controls of a closed systems, 5.2.2 Controls of open systems, 5.2.3 Signature manifestations, 5.2.4 Signature/ record linking, 5.3 Electronic signatures, 5.3.1 Requirement of electronic signature, 5.3.2 Components and control of electronic signature, 5.3.3 Controls for identification codes/ passwords.
  6. Provisions in Indian Evidence Act, 1872 – Relating to Electronic Records & Signatures : 6.1 Oral admission as to the content of the electronic record, 6.2 Opinion of the examiner in electronic evidence, 6.3 Special provision of evidence relating to electronic record and Admissibility of electronic record, 6.4 Verification of digital signature, 6.5 Presumption as to electronic record and signature.


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