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Modern Management Techniques



  1. Techniques Of Modern Management : a) Needs of Techniques in Modern Management, b) Role of Techniques in Industry & Economy, c) Impact of Techniques on Development and Growth ratio of business, d) Types of Techniques used in Modern Management
  2. Modern Management Technique Skills & Knowledge : a) Knowledge & Skills required for modern techniques, b) e-governance through modern management technique, c) Knowledge management and knowledge enhancement techniques, d) Personal Information Management (PIM): Concept & tools
  3. Modern Management Techniques In Functional Areas – I : a) Finance, b) Marketing & Sales
  4. Modern Management Techniques In Functional Areas – II : a) HRM & HRD, b) Training Evaluation, c) Third Party Verification, d) Project Evaluation & Review Technique
  5. Production, Operation & Services : a) 1. Statistical tools for production and operation, b) 1. Quality Circles – Features of Quality Circles, c) Cervical Model, d) Value of added P’s in Modern Management
  6. Challenges Before Corporate Sector : a) 1. Challenges of globalization, 2. Problems of globalization, b) Challenges of Diversity & Multiculturalism, c) Challenges of Innovation, d) Challenges of E-commerce


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