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Framework for Management


  1. Nature of Management : Concept of management – Management as a discipline, Management as a group of people, Management as a process, Management and administration: a terminological conflict, Importance of management, Nature of management – Management: science or art, Management as profession, Professionalisation of management in India, Universality of management, Applying management theory in practice, Effective management- Effectiveness and efficiency, Different approaches of managerial effectiveness, Effective manager, Key Concept for Review, Case : Inter-personal Relations.
  2. Development of Management Thought : Evolution of management thought, Early contributions, Taylor and scientific management, Fayol’s administrative management, Bureaucracy, Hawthorne experiments and human relations, Social systems approach, Decision theory approach, Management science approach, Human behaviour approach, Systems and contingency approach, Contingency or situational approach, Key Concept for Review, Case : Farm Equipment Limited.
  3. Management Process and Skills : Nature of management process, Management functions, Management roles, Behavioural approach of management process, Functions at various levels of management, Top management, Middle management, Supervisory management, Functional areas of management, Management skills, Key Concept for Review, Case : Bharat Engineering Works Limited.
  4. Managers and Environment : Concept of environment – Environmental factors, Nature of environment, Impact of environment, Changing Indian business environment, Challenges before Indian managers – Globalisation of economy, Increasing quality consciousness, Emphasis on knowledge management, Mergers and acquisitions, Changing workforce profile, Newer organisational designs, Approaches to meet environmental challenges, Key Concept for Review, Case : Consumer Products India Limited.
  5. Social and Ethical Issues in Management : Social responsibility of managers- Why social responsibility of business?, Making social responsibility operational, Approaches for measuring social performance, Social audit, Operation of social responsibility in India, Ethical issues in management – Concept of ethics, Values – Types of values, Factors in value formation, Values and behaviour, Value systems of Indian managers, Corporate governance, Key Concept for Review, Case: Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna


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