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Covid-19 and The Indian Economy



  1. The Role of Climate in the Corona Virus Outbreak – Dr. Ashalata Amol Vidyasagar
  2. Indian Business Scenario in the Post Pandemic Economic Era – Dr. Nandini Milind Deshpande
  3. Throughout History of Outbreaks, Epidemics and Pandemics in India 21st Century : A Review Article – Shri. Vilash P. Bhave
  4. E-learning in India in the Covid-19 Lockdown : A study with reference to Cultural Studies. – Yogesh R. Vispute, Dr. S.D.Sindkhedkar
  5. Status and Challenges of Online Education during Lockdown of COVID-19. – Sayali H. Patil, Rupali P. Patil, Hansraj M. Patil
  6. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Tourism. – Prof. R. G. Kolhe
  7. Impact of COVID-19 on Wildlife – Dr Balaji Rangnathrao Lahorkar
  8. Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Economy – Dr. Priyanka Khose
  9. COVID-19 & Impact on Higher Education, Low tech to High tech through Distance Learning Solutions – M. N. Bhutada
  10. Indirect consequences of COVID-19 at the environment – Dr. Kiran Suresh Marathe
  11. A Study of Perception and It’s Analysis of Demat Account & Online Trading with Refernce to Mumbai City – Dr. Sonali Gopal Kale, Mr. Saurabh Moharil
  12. Role and Challenges of E- Learning face by Educational institutions at time of Covid-19 – Minakshi Chikhalkar
  13. Positive and Negative Indirect Effects of COVID-19 on the Whole World Environment – S. Y. Shinde
  14. A Study of Role of cashless transactions useful for Social distancing at the time of Covid- 19 – Ashish Suryaprakash Gade
  15. Impact of Covid-19 on Global Economy – Dr. Jitendra Dagadu Talware, Prof. Jagdish Amrutrao Kuwar
  16. Localization of New English Vocabulary During an Emergence Pandemic Covid-19 – Dr. Deepak Shantaram Chaudhari
  17. Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy and Use of Social Work Method – Dr. Naresh S Kolte
  18. ‘What’s App’ Literature during COVID19 Lockdown Period : A Survey – Shrikant Niranjan Puri
  19. Sustainable Development – Dr. Vinay P. Raut
  20. Covid-19 Unbelievable Environmental Changes in India since Lockdown – Shri. Umesh Y. Gangurde
  21. An Evaluation of Preference of Policy holder of Private Life Insurance Companies – Mr. Amarsingh K. Gaur
  22. Covid-19: Unbelievable Environmental Changes Seen Since Lockdown – Dr. B. Gayathri
  23. COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Education Sector in India – Dinesh Atmaram Borase
  24. Digital Transformation of Library Services in Rural Colleges – Learnings from COVID pandemic – Shailaja Vaidya
  25. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Indian MSME Sector : An overview – Dr. Kalpana M. Patil
  26. Role and Challenges of E- Learning Resources Special Reference to N-list in the Covid-19 Pandemic – Dr. Chandrashekhar D.Wani


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