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Business Research Methods

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Research can be about anything, all new gadgets, technologies, scientific innovation are outcome of continuous research. Understanding the methodology of research is of paramount importance for the management students to find out hidden truths. It is essential to understand scientific procedure to conduct research in organisation. Business and even in day to day life. The book is written with an intention to familiarise the methodology of research to commerce and management students. The book is written in a simple and easy to understand manner, specifically as per the syllabus prescribed by North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

  1. Basics of Research Methodology : 1.1. Meaning, Objective, Features, Importance & Types of Research 1.2. Research Methods Vs Research Methodology 1.3. Research in Functional Area of Management 1.4. Managerial Value of Business Research 1.5. Research Process 1.6. Research Problem: importance of Formulation of Research problem, steps in formulation of Research Problem, Factors of Problem Identification, Nature of Problem, Sources of Research Problem.
  2. Research Design & Sampling Design : 2.1. Research Design – 2.1.1. Meaning & Requirement of Research Design 2.1.2. Types of Research Design 2.1.3. Factors Affecting Research Design 2.1.4. Feature of Good Research Design. 2.2. Sampling Design – 2.2.1. Sample, Sampling, Steps in Sampling Design, Criterion of selecting sampling procedure 2.2.2. Sampling Methods Probability Sampling: Simple random, Systematic, Stratified, Cluster, Area, Multi-stage, Proportional, Sequential sampling
  3. Measurement & Scaling Technique : 3.1. Scale characteristic, Measurement Scales: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio 3.2. Criterion for good Measurement : Validity, Reliability, Sensitivity 3.3. Scaling Techniques: Rating Scales, Ranking Scales. 3.4. Factors in selecting appropriate measurement scale.
  4. Data Collection : 4.1. Types & Sources of Data: Primary & Secondary 4.2. Methods of Primary Data Collection 4.2.1. Observation: Characteristic, Merits & Demerits 4.2.2. Interview: Characteristic, Types, Steps, Merits& Demerits 4.2.3. Questionnaire: Wording Questions, guidelines for constructing questions, best questions sequence formulating Questionnaire, Merits & Demerits 4.2.4. Schedule, Schedule vs Questionnaire 4.3. Qualitative research: Meaning, uses of qualitative research
  5. Testing of Hypotheses : 5.1. Basic Concept Concerning Testing of Hypotheses 5.2. Procedure for Hypotheses Testing 5.3. Advanced Tools for Hypothesis Testing Using SPSS 5.3.1. Introduction to SPSS package, creating data files 5.3.2. Multiple Response sets, Recoding, visual binning etc. 5.3.3. Frequencies,
  6. Interpretation & Report Writing : 6.1. Interpretation : Meaning, Techniques, Precautions 6.2. Effective use of graphic aid : Tables, charts, pie charts, line graphs, bar charts 6.3. Organization of the written report.


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