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स्पर्धात्मक परीक्षा

Cadet Reference Hand Book

National Cadet Corps (NCC)


1. The NCC :
• Aim, Objective of NCC
• Organization of NCC and NCC song
• Incentives

2. National Integration :
• Nation state, National Interest and objectives
• Indian History and Culture
• Religions, Traditions and Customs of India
• National Integration and Its Importance
• Unity in Diversity
• Contribution of Youth in Nation Building

3. Drill : 
Foot Drill :
• General and word of command
• Attention, stand at ease and stand easy, turning and inclining at the halt
• Sizing, forming up in three ranks and numbering,
open and close order march and dressing
• Saluting at the halt, getting on parade dismissing
and falling out
• Marching, length of pace and time of marching
in quick time and halt, slow march and halt.
• Side pace, pace forward and to the rear
• Turning on the march
• Marking time, Forward march and halt in quick time
• Chaning step
• Formation of squad and squad drill
Drill with Arms :
• Attention, stand at ease and stand easy
• Getting on parade with rifle and dressing at the order
• Dismissing and falling out
• Ground/take up arms
• Present from the order and wise-versa
• Gen Salute, Salami Shastra
• Squad drill
• Short/Long trail from the order and vice-versa
• Examine arms
Ceremonial Drill :
• Ground Mounting
• Guard of Honor
• Platoon / Coy drill
• Instructional Practice

4. Weapon Training : 
• Characteristics of a rifle / rifle ammunition and
its fire power
• Stripping, assembling, care and cleaning and sight setting
• Load, cocking and unloading
• The lying position and holding
• Trigger control and firing a shot
• Range procedure and safety precautions
• Aiming II alteration of sight
• Theory of group and snap shooting
• Short range firing
• Characteristics of 7.62 mm SLR and 5.56 mm INSAS

5. Leadership :
• Values/code of ethics, Perception
• Communication including inter personal communication
• Motivation
• Discipline and duties of a good citizen
• Leadership traits, Types of Leadership
• Character/personality development
• Effects of leadership with historical examples
• Customs of services
• Importance of a Group / Team work

6. Disaster Management :
• Civil defence organization and its duties
• Types of emergencies / Natural disasters
• Fire fighting
• Traffic control during disaster under police supervision
• Essential services and their maintenance
• Disaster management during Flood / Cyclone
• Disaster management during earthquake
• Setting up of relief camp during Disaster Management
• Assistance in removal of Debris
• Collection and distribution of Aid material
Messenger Service

7. Social Service :
• Weaker section of our society and their needs
• Basics of social service and its need
• Drug trafficking and crime
• Contribution of youth towards social welfare
• Family planning
• Causes of HIV AIDS
• Prevention of HIV AIDS
• Contribution of Youth towards Prevention of HIV AIDS
• What is cancer and What are its causes
• Early detection of cancer and its prevention measure

8. Health and Hygiene :
• Structure and functioning of the human body
• Hygiene and sanitation
• Preventable diseases
• Physical and mental health
• First aid in common medical emergencies
• Fractures, types and treatment
• Dressing of wounds
• Yoga introduction and exercise
• Evacuation of casualties

9. Adventure Activities :
• Introduction to parasailing equipment
• Parasailing
• Trekking

10. Environment and Ecology : 
• What is environment? What is Ecology?
• Conservation of environment and ecology
• Pollution and its control
• Forest ecology and pollution
• Wide life

11. Self Defence : 
• Vulnerable parts of the body
• Prevention of untoward incidents
• Physical self defence / UAC

12. Posture Training : 
• Posture training and its importance
• Anatomy and relationship of body segments
• Analysis of good posture
• Causes of bad posture and remedial and
preventive measures
• Balanced alignment and exercises
• Balanced Diet
• Correct standing and Exercises
• Correct walking and Exercises
• Correct use of body in motion


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