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वाणिज्य व व्यवस्थापन

Indian and Global Economic Development – II

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  1. Human Resources and Economic Development Index : 1.1 Role of Human Resources in Economic Development, 1.2 Human Development Index and India, 1.3 Concepts of different indexes in quality of life and status of India, 1.3.1 Gender Development Index, 1.3.2 Gender Inequality Index, 1.3.3 Human Poverty Index, 1.3.4 Global Hunger Index, Exercises.
  2. Foreign Capital and Economic Development : 2.1 Role of Foreign Capital in Economic Development, 2.2 Types of Foreign Capital, 2.3 Foreign Investment in India Since 2001, 2.4 Limitations of Foreign Capital, Exercises.
  3. India’s Foreign Trade and Balance of Payment : 3.1 Role of Foreign Trade in Indian Economic Development, 3.2 India’s Foreign Trade Since 2001, 3.3 India’s Recent Foreign Trade Policy (EXIM Policy), 3.4 Meaning and Components of Balance of Payment, 3.5 India’s Balance of Payment Since 2001, 3.6 Causes of Unfavorable Balance of Payment, 3.7 Convertibility of Indian Rupee – Current and Capital Account, Exercises.
  4. International Financial Institutions & Regional : Economic Cooperation : 4.1 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) – Objectives and Functions, 4.2 International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Organization and Functions, 4.3 World Trade Organization (WTO)-Introduction and Functions, 4.4 South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) – Introduction and Functions, 4.5 BRICS : Introduction and Functions, Exercises.


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