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Marketing and Advertising

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  1. Marketing : Meaning definitions, nature and scope of marketing, Importance of Marketing as business function and in the economy, Concept of Marekting – Traditional and Modern, Green Marketing, Marketing Mix -Meaning and Definitions of Marketing Mix, Elements of Marketing Mix, Product Life Cycle.
  2. Consumer Behavior : Meaning, Needs and importance of Consumer Behavior, Factors affecting consumer behavior, Theories of consumer behavior, Buying motives
  3. Marketing of Services : Meaning and Characteristics of Services, Importance of Service Marketing, Classification of Services, Problems of Service Marketing
  4. Recent Trends in Marketing : E-Business, Tele Marketing, Virtual Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Retailing, Niche Marketing, Consumer Delight, Multi Level Marketing
  5. Advertising : Meaning and Definition of Advertising, Nature or features and Scope of Advertising, Classification and Types of Advertising, Importance of Advertising in Modern Marketing
  6. Advertising Media : Types of Advertising Media – Print Media, Electronic Media, Outdoor Media, Transit & Vehicular Media, Advantages and Limitations of Various Types of Advertising Media, Factors to be considered in Selecting Proper Media of Advertising, Media Mix and Advertising Media Scheduling
  7. Advertising Copy : Meaning & Definition, Elements of Print Copy, Essentials of a Good Advertising Copy, Types of Copy Writing
  8. Advertisement Lay-out : Meaning & Definition, Components, Factors Influencing Advertisement Lay-Out, Essentials of Advertisement Lay-Out


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