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Modern Office Management

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  1. Modern Office : Meaning, Traditional and Modern Office, Functions, Routine and Administrative, Functions, Elements of Office, Recent Trends in offices practices, Importance of office
  2. Office Management : Definition -Scope, Importance, Objective of Office Management, Functions of Office Management, Office Manager, Position, Qualities of Office Manager, Function of O.M., Duties of O.M., Responsibilities of O.M.
  3. Office Location : Introduction, Responsible factors, Importance, Recent trends in Office Location, Layout of Office, Importance of Office Layout, Factors affecting Office Layout, Principles of Office Layout, Types of Layout
  4. Office Environment : Meaning, Importance of Office Environment, Office Safety and remedies.
  5. Modern Office System : Definitions, Characteristics of office system, Importance of office system, Essentials, Need and principles of office system, Techniques and steps for designing office system, Advantages and Limitations of office system.
  6. Office Routine : Introduction, Aims of office Routine, Flow of work, Objectives of flow of work, Difficulties in flow of work, Measure to improve the work flow, Planning of office work, Scheduling of office work, Importance of scheduling
  7. Modern Offices Appliances and Machines : Introduction, Factors influencing office machines, Preliminary arrangement of office machines, Types of Leasing office machines, Advantages and disadvantages of office machines, Types of office machine, Accounting machine, Advantages and disadvantages of office machine
  8. Office Services : Introduction, Mail Routine, Handling of Inword Mail, Outgoing mail, Procedure of outgoing mail, Courier services, Scope and Importance of courier services, Functioning of office courier, Administrative structure of courier services
  9. Record Management : Definition, Need of Records, Kinds of Records, Principles of good record Management, Importance of Record Management, Duties of Record Manager, Principles of retention and disposal of Records, Legal aspect of Records
  10. Office Employee Relations : Definitions, Scope of public relation, Objectives of Relations, Functions of public Relation Departments, Meaning and elements of office communication, Types of office communication, Significance
  11. Office Meeting : Introduction, Definition, Objectives of office meeting, Essentials of valid meeting, Drafting of Notice, Agenda and minutes content of Notice, Agenda, Minutes, Contents of minutes, Essentials for writing minutes.
  12. Office Manuals : Meaning, Objectives of office Manuals, Need for office manual, Contents of office manuals, Types of office manuals, problems or disadvantages of office manuals.
  13. Office Furniture : Introduction, Characteristics of furniture, Importance of office furniture, Classification of office furniture, Types of office furniture


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