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GG-201-202 | Physical Geography I-II

F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem II | Geography

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F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem II | GG-201-202

The textbook ‘Physical Geography’ is written for the students of F. Y. B.Sc. Sem. II. It gives us great pleasure to handover this textbook to the students and the teachers. We hope the students and teachers will welcome this book by heart. The entire book is prepared with the help of computer. All figures in the book are drawn by the authors themselves and therefore, the book has become more illustrative and informative. All concepts in the book are explained with the help of figures. This is its special feature. There are in all 85 figures. As the figures are drawn by the authors themselves, the content desplayed in the figures has become more precise and accurate. The entire text is arranged in such a way that the students can perceive the knowledge very easily. For creating more interest of Physical Geography among the students, large number of illustrations and examples are taken from the Country and from the local areas. At the end of every chapter large number of objective and long answered questions are given. For the selfstudies of the students these exercises will become helpful.
Physical Geography is studied in all the universities and even it is a subject for M. P. S. C., NET, SET examinations. We hope the present book will be helpful to the students preparing for such examinations.

Chapter 1 
Atmosphere : Introduction, Structure and Composition

Chapter 2 
Insolation and Temperature

Chapter 3
Atmospheric Pressure and Winds

Chapter 4 
Humidity and Applications of Climatology

Chapter 5 
Introduction to Hydrosphere and Submarine Relief

Chapter 6 
Properties of Ocean Water

Chapter 7 
Movement of Ocean Water

Chapter 8 
Ocean Coast


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