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Corporate Social Responsibility


Within the world of business, the main “responsibility” for corporations has historically been to make money and increase shareholder value. Corporate Social Responsibility has turned out to be one of the most persistent “management fashions” of the last decade. CSR is considered by corporations worldwide as an increasingly necessary practice, following huge corporate (ethical) scandals and company breakdowns that have surfaced among once highly reputed firms.

  1. Understanding Social Issues : 1.1. Social Issues: Concept, Characteristic and Causes of Social Problems, 1.2. Social Issues vis-a-vis corporate environment: Casteism, Agitation in Youth, Corruption, Black money, Terrorism, Sexual Harassment at Workplace & their impact on Society, 1.3. Social Cost of Development.
  2. Business Ethics : 2.1. Basic Framework – 2.1.1. Values, norms & beliefs 2.1.2. Culture, Cultural differences, Hofstede’s Dimensions of Cultural Differences, cultural discrimination 2.1.3. Morality : Moral norms, moral values, Characteristics of moral standards, Kohlberg’s model of cognitive moral development, Moral Theories 2.1.4. Concept of Ethics, Ethics & law 2.1.5. Business Ethics: Meaning, Factors affecting Business Ethics 2.1.6. Applied Ethics, Code of Ethics vs code of conduct vs code of practice 2.1.7. Whistle blowing, 2.2. Ethical Decision Making – 2.2.1. Understanding Decision Making 2.2.2. Personal Values and Ethical Decision Making
  3. Ethical Mind : 3.1. Types of Mind, 3.2. Basics of Mind Management, 3.3. Objective & Subjective Mind, 3.4. Training the Mind, 3.5. Self-Development, 3.6. Effects of Past Tendencies
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility : 4.1. Concept, Definition & Scope of Corporate Social Responsibility, 4.2. Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law, 4.3. Corporate Social Responsiveness, 4.4. Corporate Social Performance, 4.5. Diverging Views on Social Responsibility (Arguments for & against), 4.6. ISO 26000, 4.7. Criterion for Determining the Social Responsibility of Business, 4.8. Areas of Social Responsibility of Business, 4.9. Social Responsibility & Indian Corporations
  5. Framework for rating CSR : 5. Framework for rating CSR – 5.1.1. Understanding CSR Ratings 5.1.2. Global Rating Initiatives (GRI) 5.1.3. Infosys Sustainability Solution 5.1.4. Tata Group’s CSR Rating Framework, 5.2. Unethical Behavior in Organizations – 5.2.1. Understanding Unethical Behavior 5.2.2. Individual Factors Contributing to Unethical Behavior 5.2.3. Organizational Factors Contributing to Unethical Behavior
  6. Corporate Governance : 6.1. Meaning & definition of Corporate Governance, 6.2. Principles of Corporate Governance, 6.3. Issues in Corporate Governance, 6.4. Professionalization of Corporate Governance, 6.5. ‘Good’ Corporate Governance, 6.6. Corporate Governance Practices in India


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